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Forms| Week 1 | Discipline

February 1st, 2022


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As we transition into our next rotating cycle, we will be focusing on the Black Belt Mindset of Discipline. Discipline is the ability to do your best, especially during the times when you do not feel like it. To train with discipline becomes especially important when we get into the higher ranks. In the beginning, with the newness of the whole martial arts experience, everything is so fresh and exciting. As we continue on with our training and move up in rank, many of what we learn becomes either a bit more challenging, repetitive or both. Whichever one you experience; it becomes an even bigger challenges to train with discipline. Discipline will play a key factor in your quest towards Black Belt Excellence. Stay tune for next week as we continue our discussion on Discipline.

As for now, we just need to understand, Discipline means “to always do your best.” Especially when you don’t feel like doing your Best.

UAMA Announcements

Studio Closure & Re-opening

Thank you all to the kind words and understanding while we had to make some quick and not so easy decisions. We will be open for classes on Wednesday.

KJN is feeling better, however, to be safe he will be out the rest of the week and we will have our wonderful instructors, Sbn Alvita, Cgn Cassian, Cgn Nazin, and Cgn Kathryn running the classes.

Saturday Class Times

  • Super Juniors: 9 AM
  • Beginners: 9:45 AM
  • Intermediate: 10:30
  • Advanced: 11:15
  • Candidates: Noon
  • Black Belts: 12:45

No need to sign up for the Saturday class, just come for your designated class.

Make Up Classes & Missed Tip Testing

Due to the high volume of missed classes during the beginning of the year, we will be opening the online scheduling tool for Make-Up Sessions. For every 2 days of classes missed, please schedule a 15- minute private lesson below. When you schedule, we will be asking for the days you missed to help us better assist with lessons. If you are unsure, you can always book with the front desk.


Professional Karate Photos - Rescheduled for March 26th

We have reschedule to photo shoot for March 26th, We tried to get sooner, but the scheduling did not work out.

Please stay tuned for new sign up sheet.

Calendar & Events

Dates To Remember

  • We will not be sparring this week.
  • 2/19-2/25 Studio Closed for Winter Break.
  • 2/18: Session 1 of the Esteem Leadership Program (Brown Belts and Above) @ 7 PM. *Leadership classes, by Invitation only, Brown Belt and above. Look for separate email to sign up.

Acknowledgements & Kudo's

CONGRATULATIONS to Flight 53 on their great accomplishment in passing their Black Belt Tests! You all are an inspiration to all of us.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for some pictures and amazing videos of this group.

Facebook  Instagram

In addition to our new Black Belts, We want to say Congratulations and Thank You to our newly Titled Instructors. It is important that when greeting your instructor, you call them by their proper title and name.

BuCgn Gavin Vasquez

BuCgn Mason Vasquez

Cgn Andrew

Cgn Nazin

Sbn Alvita

These titles show dedication to Martial Arts in all areas, and earned by helping with the community and continuing the training in Martial Arts. Congratulations to you again! We are overfilled with gratitude to have your support.

Happy Birthday to...

  • Aria Mathew - 2/1
  • Ahvan - 2-7
  • Chanel Venter - 2-09
  • Benjamin Burns - 2/13
  • Cgn Nazin Taraghi - 2/15
  • Bradley Wilson - 2/17
  • Isaac Cervantez - 2/17
  • Olivia Rojo - 2/18
  • Miguel Ponce - 2/18