Fall 2021
Name Dropping
Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Nature’s Way recently opened a new corporate headquarters in the I-43 Business Center. The 45,000 sq. foot corporate headquarters is just one piece of the company’s two-year, $100 million investment into its people, processes and facilities. The company is a pioneer in the health industry and is the leading manufacturer of high-quality supplements. 

The Jackie Nitschke Center (JNC) has been in the news. The Green Bay drug and alcohol treatment program has restored a house on its campus for an expanded Men’s Recovery Home. Meanwhile, JNC’s Clinical Director Tina Baeten was interviewed recently about Gray Area Drinking, focusing on those who fall between moderate and excessive drinking.
Burger Fest 2021 was back with a great year of burgers, balloons and music. The event brought in people from all over, including folks from the Food Network who came to shoot an episode for their upcoming show on the history of American food airing in early 2022.

The Brown County South Landfill is well on its way to completion in 2022, while staying on budget. Crews are busy placing the liner for the leachate collection system, building the collection tank and scale house, as well as the residential drop-off area. 

It’s Packers season and GRB is here to help fans see the green and gold at home and away with non-stop flights by United and Sun County Airlines. Grab your tickets to cheer on the Packers!

Congratulations to GLC Minerals and its owner, Wes Garner, for celebrating two incredible milestones. GLC recently celebrated 150 years in business in July and Wes is the firth generation of family ownership and leadership of the company. Cheers to the next 150 years!
Kudos to N.E.W. Community Clinic! The non-profit organization serving low-income and uninsured in Northeast Wisconsin recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a groundbreaking ceremony for a new $4.5 million west-side facility. The new building will be located on the corner of N. Broadway and Mather Street in Green Bay.
Nearing the finish line! WisDOT’s $1.2 billion I-39/90 Expansion Project, between Madison and Beloit, is nearing completion. Reconstruction and expansion of this 45-mile corridor started in 2015 and the entire project will be completed in late fall. 
BEWARE! The dead will awake at Terror on the Fox now through October 31 for another season of bone-chilling thrills. L&F is helping to promote the hair-raising attraction, so be on the watch for unexpected visits by this year’s characters. You’ve been warned!  
TikTok for Business

Has your business tapped into the potential of TikTok yet? If not, you’re not alone, but it’s something you should be investigating. In case you’re not familiar with it, TikTok is THE place today for short mobile videos. It has exploded in use in the past few years; now ranking as the sixth largest social network.

Literally anyone can produce a TikTok video. They are short - less than a minute. You can also add some special effects, music and filters which are at your fingertips when you’re on the app.

When it comes to businesses using TikTok, the platform makes it very easy to set up a small business account. But, before you dive in, take a look at what others in your industry are doing. Also, make sure your target audience is on the platform before you invest a lot of time or energy. Right now, TikTok’s largest demographic is 18–24-year-olds, followed by 13–17-year-olds; with most users (60%) being female. Of course, this can and undoubtedly will change as the platform continues to grow.

If you do create an account, try out different types of content to see what fits best and generates the most engagement. Spotlight employees, unique and inspirational stories and anything else that is interesting or quirky. Resist the temptation to “sell, sell, sell.” This is not the platform to do that and will generate a lot of negative reaction.

Like other social platforms, you can also build your following by sharing content created by other businesses or individuals. And don’t forget to use interesting and relevant hashtags. Once you feel comfortable and confident in your approach to TikTok, you can also leverage its advertising options.

Even if TikTok isn’t right for your business right now, if you want to stay on trend, it pays to know what it is and what it can do – especially for business.
It's all about Spam
Connecting with people today is instantaneous. From a call, text, messaging app or email directly to our phones, we can be contacted wherever and whenever. Even at work, we can be bombarded with emails, phone calls or instant messages from internal and external sources. Those external sources can include important information and spam content. That spam content has become more sophisticated in an effort to make you believe that it is coming from a reputable source, trying to trick you into giving up valuable information. There are some things you can do to help you spot the spam and avoid any unnecessary headaches that could follow.

  1. When reviewing information that you receive electronically, be sure you look at WHO is sending the message. Spam content often appears as if it is coming from a coworker, client or friend when in reality the email is slightly different. If the email doesn’t look like its coming from the sender or if the email signature doesn’t match their usual one, then it can be a sign the message is spam.
  2. Pay attention to the grammar of emails. Now, we are not saying that every email with a misspelling or misplaced punctuation is spam but if it is reading too robotically or filled with numerous errors, it can be a warning sign that this content isn’t legitimate.
  3. Never click links if you are unsure about the content presented. If you are even the slightest bit hesitant about communications you received, avoid clicking a link that could contain a virus. Research the URL in a search engine to see if it truly exists or if others have reported the link as spam. 
  4. Still unsure if an email or text is valid? Reach out to the supposed sender. Sometimes email or internet permissions can make viewing content difficult and appear spammy. If you are unsure about something, pick up the phone and call the sender to confirm or create a brand-new email to reach out to them for confirmation.

Spammers find new ways to trick people into viewing and engaging with their content, that is why it is important to take your time when reading messages, no matter what device you are on. With any spam content, it’s always best practice to delete the email and/or block the sender from contacting you again.
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