Volume III, No. 4 Tikvat Rachel/Pesach Issue | March 25, 2021 (12 Nissan 5781)
Jewish Life League Letter - News and Updates
Greetings and Shalom!

The Tikvat Rachel Post-Abortion Healing Support Group began on March 5 and is ongoing.

The group meets every Friday at 1 pm EST in Zoom. If you are a Jewish woman or man who has been left emotionally wounded by a previous abortion experience, this program provides hope and compassion to begin the healing process.

The next meeting takes place March 26 at 1 pm. It will begin with a discussion of pre-abortion lies that push pregnant women into quick abortion decisions without offering pro-life options.

The weekly meeting is 100% private and confidential.

The Tikvat Rachel program was developed by Cecily Routman, President of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation.

Please call Barbara Beth at 347-566-7898 or e-mail her at BarbaraBeth54@protonmail.com for more information.

For life,

Bonnie Chernin
JLL Founder
JLL Blog Articles
American Conservatives Are Losing the Culture War
The Biden Administration has been nominating pro-abortion extremists to cabinet positions, and his two choices for the HHS are no exception. As Attorney General in California, Xavier Becerra tried to shut down every pro-life pregnancy center in the state and sued The Little Sisters of the Poor to try and force them to provide birth control pills. We are dismayed about his confirmation as Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary.
One has to present the truth according to universal Noahide law, which is that abortion on demand is prohibited killing. There are specific grounds – such as defense of the mother’s life – which warrant it, but these are rare and are not present in the overwhelming number of abortions. In other words, Torah forbids abortion on demand, whether by a Jew or non-Jew."- Rabbi Shimon Cowen

(Source: Kantor, Myles. Op-Ed.  "Should We Care If Non-Jews Abort Their Babies?" The Jewish Press, (30 Av 5778 – August 10, 2018), p. 8, 15)
Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:
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