The Tiger's Roar!
Tildenville Elementary School Community Brief
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Tildenville Community Member,

With only one day now left in the month of April, I hope this has been a very positive and healthy month for you. We have a number of important special events coming up beginning next Monday, May 3 which are covered below. Please take the time to look this edition over carefully for those events that apply to your household and student.

Report Cards
Parents, as a continuing reminder you can always access your child’s report cards online. Follow these links below to see how.

Parent help access:

This video shows how to get to the student Report Cards.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week (May 10-14)
This year, teacher appreciation has been pushed back to the week after FSA, May 10-14. Please see below for more information and thank you in advance for remembering our educators and staff during this extraordinary school year!

PTA (May 12)
PTA general meeting and elections is scheduled for May 12 via Zoom (please see details below).

Important Reminder on Device Usage
I need to ask our parents' assistance in talking to your child about the appropriate and inappropriate use of electronic devices. Please know that district issued devices should only be used for educational purposes. The misuse of technology and sharing of inappropriate content among peers can lead to student discipline outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. OCPS encourages families to routinely engage and observe their child’s technology use and encourage them to use their device in common areas only.

For more information and online safety tips please go to If you have any questions please contact me at 407-877-5054. Thank you for your continued support.

Way to Go Ms. Vicens!
Ms. Vicens was featured in the West Orange Times and Observer as Influencer of the Week!

OCPS Community Update (released April 28)
Dr. Maria Vazquez, OCPS Deputy Superintendent of Schools, released this week's short YouTube Community Update (about 7 minutes) on several topics of interest to our families including summer school, vaccination clinics, kindergarten registration, and more. Please take a few moments to watch this week's video as able.

Have a great weekend!

In Tiger Pride,

Mrs. Alvarez
Proud Principal
Tildenville Elementary

Pictured very top: Students in Mrs. Gonzalez’s 3rd grade class had fun measuring area, perimeter & length around the room with their own measuring tape and construction “hard hats."
Testing Information
FSA continues next week for all third through fifth grade students.
May 3rd - 4th and 5th grade FSA ELA Session 1.
May 4th - 4th and 5th grade FSA ELA Session 2.
May 6th - 3rd through 5th grade FSA Math Session 1.
May 7th - 3rd through 5th grade FSA Math Session 2.
May 10th - 5th grade Science Session 1.
May 11th - 5th grade Science Session 2.

Here are a few reminders to think about for test days:
  • Plan for your child to have a good night sleep and to eat a nutritious filling breakfast.
  • Be on time to school on testing days. Students need to be at school no later than 8:45.
  • If your child eats breakfast at school, they can arrive starting at 8:15. 
  • Remind them to relax & try their best!

Launch Ed (come to school on your testing days):
  • For all Launch Ed students, please be to school by 8:45. You will check in at the 400 hallway, that is the hallway where art class is located.
  • Once testing is completed for Launch Ed students, parents will be called to come pick up. Once you arrive, someone will assist you with signing them out and your child will meet you out front of the main office doors.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 407-877-5054.
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week
One of Mrs. Blanco's students, Maya, drew this about her teacher and it was forwarded along by her mother earlier this month. Please be sure to remember that Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week runs May 10th - May 14th. Thank you!
Part of our SEL project (Social Emotional Learning) this year is "Dessert Wednesday." Each Wednesday a different grade level provides a dessert for the rest of the staff. On this day, the snack was a yogurt bar provided by the administrative team. The teachers have been doing their very best to get our 3rd - 5th graders ready for the FSA since August 10th, 2020 ... if you look closely the banner reads, "Now let's rock this FSA!"
Attention 5th Grade Tigers!
Summer fun for incoming 6th graders and current 7th and 8th graders! This summer opportunity will be hosted at Sunridge Middle School.
The next PTA meeting will be May 12th. We hope you can join us!

Topic: PTA General Meeting - May 2021

Time: May 12, 2021 07:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 728 6895 2043

Passcode: tigers
Curriculum Highlights
1) Third Grade Kahoot Challenge on the Florida Everglades:
Third grade participated in a Kahoot Challenge game to review concepts learned on the Everglades. They learned about the different species of animals and plants that live on the 5 different habitats: Hardwood Hammock, Cypress Swamp, Mangrove Swamp, Sawgrass Marsh, and Pinelands. All LaunchEd students were connected and participated in the game as well. There was excitement in the lunchroom - the kids were engaged and motivated!
  • First place- Adelyn Yemm
  • Second place- Emmanuel Aguirre
  • Third place- Kennedy Cooper
2) Tigers at Earth Day '21:
This past week, students learned about ways to help save our Earth (Earth Day was April 22) and learned some Spanish vocabulary words related to this topic such as "reciclar, reusar, reducir, contaminación. They also made posters after completing the lessons. LaunchEd students also participated and created Google slides for their posters.
3) Mrs. Khan's gifted class participated in an egg drop experiment:
4) Mrs. Bonnet-Casto's Kindergarten Earth Day Projects and Everglades Collage:
In the spirit of Earth Day, Mrs. Bonnet-Castro also had the students make these projects (pictured immediately above and below) by using items they already had, reusing things, or recycling!
5) Ms. Panet's 1st graders participating in an Everglades lesson. The following images show her students taking their post test on the Everglades material:
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End of Year Kindergarten Celebration
Extended Day Program
Administrative Professionals Day
Shout out to both Ms. Blanco and Mrs. Hunter for the delicious treat for the front office staff for Administrative Professional Day. Pictured from the left are: Ms. Vicens, Mrs. Deonarine, Mrs. Vega, Nurse Salas, and Nurse Mills.
Accelerated Reader Point Club (May 1st next pull date)
Our Kindergarten students in Ms. Hunter's class are rocking AR! The next AR Point Club pull will be on May 1st. Let's see our Point Club students double Tigers! There will be end of the year prizes for our students with the most AR points. Let's go Tigers!
Prepping for FSA next Week
Mrs. Hall's classroom
Mrs. Hall's class participated in a fun pre-FSA activity that also reviewed chemical and physical change properties. To prepare for tie dye they read a technical text with sequence text structure.
OCPS Early Childhood YouTube Videos
New updates for April!
OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
In this video we will practice identifying the letters J, N, G and Z as we visit some of our favorite zoo animals.

OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
In this video we will go on a safari adventure to practice counting animals and identifying their matching number.

OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
Hello, in this video we will learn about the colors orange, yellow and gray. We will also play a fun game with colors!

OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
Hello, in this video we will learn about the octagon shape!

OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
In this video we will learn about fun ways to use investigative tools at the beach!

OCPS Pre-K ESE April Video
In this video, we will learn how plants, animals, and people grow and change!

OCPS Kindergarten April Video
In this video, we review characters, setting and events by creating our own story. You choose the adventure!

OCPS Kindergarten April Video
In this video, we compare attributes of two-dimensional shapes by looking at shape art!

OCPS 1st Grade April Video
In this video, we learn how authors use words and phrases that suggest feeling and appeal to our senses in poems or stories. Mrs. Wingo uses the power of words to get out of a bad mood!

OCPS 1st Grade April Video
Ahoy! Join the Wonderer's Club as we organize, interpret, and represent data about a pirate's treasure chest!

OCPS 2nd Grade April Video
Greetings! In this video, you will learn about poetry. Come along with Ms. Hickman as we read about the zoo!

OCPS 2nd Grade April Video
Greetings! In this video, we will be learning about two-dimensional shapes. Get your eyes open because we are going on a shape hunt!

** Please click here to view prior months' videos.
SEL (Social Emotional Learning and our Tildenville Staff)
Fun Friday's have been a hit with the staff. As part of our SEL project (Social Emotional Learning) this year we are working on staff motivation by having fun! The teachers in grades 2 and 3 recently had a movie-book scavenger hunt in the media center that resulted in a prize of Mrs. B's popcorn!
Closing Images of the Week...
Rigor in the classroom with Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Hall's 4th graders kicked off a review of RI2.5 with students brainstorming a topic and then creating sentences related to that topic using each of the informational text structures.
Above: One example of three students' work centered around the topic of pizza to include five supporting structures: sequencing, cause and effect, a description, compare and contrast, and the problem and solution.
Community Resources
Resources Search Engine for Social Service Needs
The Student Services department has collaborated with the company, Aunt Bertha, to create a customized search engine to help staff, families, and the community better navigate needed social services and resources. The information on the site can be translated into more than 100 languages.
Final Virtual Parent Academy: "Catch the Summer Wave"
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