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Tildenville Elementary School Community Brief
Wednesday, January 6, 2020
Tildenville Community Member,

Happy New Year!

On Tuesday, January 5th we began our third nine-week quarter of 2020-2021 and I hope this first edition of 2021 finds your New Year off to a great start. Here at the outset of 2021, I want to say thank you once again to all of our Tildenville students, parents, educators, staff, and community partners for the continued support and patience given during the first two quarters of the year. The pandemic has touched nearly every household, business, and nonprofit in some fashion or another and I want you to know how much I have appreciated your support and understanding as we strive each day to give our young Tigers the quality education they deserve.

As for this edition, you will find some key dates, reminders, and student success tips herein. We have also shared highlights from several of our special holiday season events which I think you will enjoy. And please don't miss out by not clicking on the grade level links from our Music Department's Winter Showcase. No matter what kind of day you are having, one minute of this will make you smile and I suspect, quite proud of these students!

While we have made mention further below of those that went out of their way to help provide an enjoyable holiday season for others, I would like to stress how much this meant to our school. I am very aware that the U.S. economy is not performing overall and that nearly everyone has had to tighten their belts. Therefore, to receive these wonderful gifts took on even more meaning. To those that gave of their time and resources, thank you so very much for your kindness. It was deeply appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and successful 2021. Thank you for looking over this initial issue of the year and enjoy the rest of your week!

Welcome back Tigers!

Mrs. Alvarez
Proud Principal
Tildenville Elementary

Pictured very top: We had so much fun on Holiday Spirit Days just prior to the winter break with both the staff and the students. To open up this 2021 New Year issue, we wanted to share these fun pictures!
Dates to Watch For
1/5 Begin 3rd Marking Period
1/5 iStation monthly testing begins
1/9 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
1/9 1st Saturday School of 2021
1/12 Lakeview Middle School Parent Dual Language meeting, 5:00 pm (virtual)
1/18 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday (No School)
1/19 SAC meeting, 4:00 pm
1/22 Class Pictures
1/27 OCPS Annual Stellar Awards (Virtual this year)
1/28 Digital Magnet Fair Open House, 5:00 pm
Saturday School Dates:
  • 1/9 (this Saturday)
  • 1/16
  • 1/23
  • 1/30
  • 2/6
  • 2/20
  • 2/27
  • 3/6
Good Morning and Welcome Back Tigers!
Third grade teacher Mrs. Estevez and second grade teacher Mrs. Fosdick say "good morning" to their students! Until we can give hugs and high fives again, students can choose and elbow bump or a toe tap. Either way, we love to show our Tigers how happy we are to see them every morning!
Health Check Reminder
Parents should conduct temperature checks of their child. If their temperature is above 100.4, your student needs to stay at home. Also, if your child has a cough, is experiencing shortness of breath, or is feeling ill, they should remain at home.

If you child has a positive COVID-19 result, is exhibiting symptoms outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); has been exposed to COVID19; has been told by a physician to be tested for COVID-19; and/or is subject to Federal, State, or Local self-quarantine or self-isolation related to COVID-19, please email (secure email address for Agathe Alvarez) as soon as possible including the following:

  • Student's Last Name
  • Student's First Name
  • Student's ID Number  
  • Student's Grade Level
  • Copy of the positive test results
Lost and Found
Please make sure all jackets, hoodies, lunch boxes and water bottles are labeled. Our Lost and Found is starting to grow. If your child has lost their glasses, please check with the front office or have them check Lost and Found. We collect lost glasses as well!
Getting these 3rd Nine Weeks off to a Great Start!
Successful Student Strategies
The teachers at Tildenville have put together the following graphics as reminders for 2021. Please read them and make sure that your student understands each strategy. And please do not hesitate to ask questions! All of our teachers and counselors are here to help our Tigers and their parents so please ask if you have a question.
January 2021 Standards by Grade Level
Lakeview Middle World Language Academy Magnet
Virtual Open House: Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 6:00 pm
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ramos at (407) 877-5010 ext. 5122305 or email her at

Please click here for a parent letter written in both English and Spanish to help Tildenville parents in applying for the Lakeview Dual Language Academy.
Tildenville Holiday Shop
Thank you to everyone who donated toys and clothes to the Tildenville Holiday Shop. We were able to help several of our Tildenville families this holiday season with gifts for our Tigers.
Check out our Tigers showing off their Holiday Spirit from home and at the school!
12 Days of Cheer!
The Tildenville staff had a great time gearing up for the holidays with 12 Days of Cheer! We had S'mores Day, Hot Chocolate Day, Bagel breakfast, Willy Wonka Day and several raffle prizes for both staff and students.
Above vs. below:
There was quite a transformation from what the break room looked like before our 12 Days of Cheer got underway and then later. As we rolled out "blended learning" for our LaunchEd and Face-to-Face students simultaneously in 2020, many challenges arose from that first day of school back on Monday, August 10th. These Cheer days were a wonderful way to recognize the hard work and adjustments made by our teachers & staff during the first semester to make sure our Tigers had a quality and safe educational experience.
Community Support at the Holidays
Thank you to all of these wonderful businesses, organizations, and individuals that stepped up at year-end to help many of our students and families enjoy a wonderful holiday season . . .
Dave Wright
Thank you to Mr. Dave Wright of Windermere for the ornaments he made for the staff. They are beautiful and brought everyone a little Holiday Cheer!
Wingate Family
Thank you so much to the Wingate Family for providing breakfast for the staff. It was delicous!
Spectrum Communications
Thank you Spectrum for your very generous donation of gifts to help out our Tildenville families this holiday season! We are so thankful for your continued partnership each year.
A few more shout outs to our community members and businesses for their wonderful support this holiday season!
Thank you to DG Doughnuts for their donation of gift cards!
Foundation Academy Christian School donated food and socks for our pantry and clinic and books for the students. Thank you!
Thank you to Bears Who Care for the student goodie bags!
Thank you to Maria Figueroa and Friends for coordinating all the efforts for gifts, food and the clothing donations for our families this holiday season!!
Thank you Tildenville PTA for the delicious holiday lunch and key chains!
Thank you very much to Bonefish Grill Winter Garden for the appetizer coupons!
Thank you to Real Fare Catering who provided the catering for our PTA! Click here to see some of their recent weekly menus.
LaunchEd Tigers at Pajama Day
Above and immediately below:
Mrs. Ramirez and Mrs. Rosario's classes participated in PJ day and made Holiday Ornaments before break! We love seeing our LaunchEd kids having fun!
Pajama Day was a BIG hit at home and on campus . . .
Talented Tigers!
2020 Family Court Art Contest - "I am strong because . . . "
Congratulations to all participants for the Family Court Art Contest. The theme was "I am strong because." Mrs. Gisbert is proud of all her students for all the effort and creativity they have been putting into their work!
"I am strong because someone has to save the world!"
To view the "I am Strong" Family Court Art Show click this link:

A big congratulations to the students chosen to represent us and were featured in the art show:
  • Xavier H.
  • Yaretzi L.
  • Kayla O.
  • Ella O.
  • Bella O.
  • Chloe O.
  • Emma U.
  • Victoria M.
  • Ruth V.
  • Jade W.
"What makes me strong is my family because they always help me and they love me." ~ Carson, 2nd grade
Tildenville Elementary Music Department Proudly Presents - Our Virtual 2020 Winter Showcase!
Above and just below:
Mrs. Bogart's kindergarten Face to Face & LaunchEd students singing the "Twelve Days of Christmas" for our community. If you will click on the links below by grade level you can watch all the performances. The students did a marvelous job at school and at home!
Laptop Computer Damage and Lost Chargers
We are seeing a lot of these issues with devices and chargers in the past month. Parents please help us in talking with your Tigers about the importance of caring for their school devices.

The most common issues we see at Tildenville:

  • Missing Otterbox Stands
  • Shattered iPad screens (the Otterbox case had been previously removed)
  • Missing school issued Apple brand iPad chargers
  • Black spots or lines on the screens of laptops (this indicates a shattered screen and the device has been dropped)
  • Broken headphone jacks in ports
  • Soda, milk, juice spilled on laptops and iPads resulting in liquid trapped between the iPad and Otterbox

What is the process for notifying parents of fines?
The process for fines is paperwork and photos are taken to document the damage. Parents are mailed a letter with the cost for repairs and how to pay.

Financial Liability Parents/Guardians/Students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the digital device is:
  • accidentally damaged
  • intentionally damaged
  • damaged due to negligence
  • lost due to negligence
  • not returned at the end of the year or upon withdrawal
  • stolen but not reported to local law enforcement.

Fines are assessed to students in two categories: accident and intentional.
  1. Examples of accidents include: spilling water on keyboard, knocking digital device off desk, etc.
  2. Examples of intentional acts include: throwing the digital device, using the digital device as a shield/umbrella,leaving digital device outside, etc.

It is important to remember that negligence is an intentional act!

Requesting Repair Costs
Repair costs can be requested by contacting the school administration.

If there is a difference between the actual cost of repair and the fine paid by the family, a refund will be issued by the school bookkeeper.

Paying Fines
Fines are due at the time they are assessed. Fines can be paid in the school media center daily in cash or check. SchoolPay can also be used to pay fines, where available.

Payment Plans
If unable to pay the fine in full at the time assessed, please contact the school for needs-based payment plan options. All financial obligations must be settled by graduation or withdrawal from school, whichever comes first.

Closing Image of the Week . . .
Saturday, January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!
Our School Resource Officer, Deputy Threat, speaking to the students in their music class on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the first school day of the new year. Thank you Deputy Threat for all your great work in keeping our campus safe plus educating our young Tigers about safety matters!
Leadership Team
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