The Tiger's Roar!
Tildenville Elementary School Community Brief
Friday, February 5, 2020
Tildenville Community Member,

I hope this early February edition finds your month off to a successful and healthy start! Thank you so much to all of our Tigers, teachers, and staff that participated in Literacy Week at the end of January. We have included a number of highlights below as I was so very pleased to see participation from both our Face-to-Face students and LaunchEd students.

Once each year, we conduct a short survey of our parents & guardians regarding Tildenville's school climate looking for feedback for our ongoing school improvement efforts. The survey is now out and if you have a student at Tildenville, we would sincerely appreciate your investing a few moments to share your views. This anonymous survey (we never see any individual responses) comes out only once per year and we depend on the parent feedback greatly. Thank you very much for your help (link below along with the scan code for phones if you prefer):

In Tiger Pride,

Mrs. Alvarez
Proud Principal
Tildenville Elementary
Dates to Watch For
Tutoring every Monday and Tuesday except for 2/15
2/01-2/05 iStation testing
2/06 Saturday School
2/15 Presidents Day - No School
2/15 Magnet Applications for all NEW incoming students are due February 15th
2/16 SAC Meeting, 4pm
2/16 Parent/Dual Language Meeting, 5pm
2/17 iReady Growth Monitoring Grades 1 and 4
2/18 iReady Growth Monitoring Grades K, 2 and 3
2/19 iReady Growth Monitoring Grades K, 4 and 5
2/20 Saturday School
2/24 iReady Growth Monitoring Grade 1
2/25 Digital Learning Day
2/25 iReady Growth Monitoring Grade 3
2/26 Strawbridge student pictures
2/27 Saturday School
Saturday School Dates:
  • 2/6 (this coming Saturday)
  • 2/20
  • 2/27
  • 3/6
Saturday School fun, learning about space and rockets! Our next Saturday School is this next Saturday, Feb. 6th.
Mrs. Hager showing off one of her favorite books for Literacy Week. Thank you again to all of our Tigers, teachers, staff, and families that participated. Highlights below!
Student Safety
Due to safety concerns, we added a few additional safety measures this year to our procedures:

  • Make sure you have your car tag up. This is the school issued one that hangs from your mirror. If you need one please contact the front office.
  • Remember to not be using your devices (phones, tablets, etc.) so you can follow the directions of the staff and keep the traffic flowing.
  • Once your Tiger is in your car, take down your tag.
  • For safety reasons, once the cars start moving, if your Tiger is not in your car you must go around the loop again. This will ensure the safety of everyone at dismissal.
  • Make sure you and your Tiger are safely buckled in prior to leaving campus.
  • Afternoon car line is usually complete within 20 minutes. Please continue to help us keep the Tigers safe by following the procedures.
  • If you arrive on campus after the car line has finished, you will need to park and come to the front office to sign out your child.

  • There is no supervision prior to 8:15 for students. Do not drop off before 8:15. If you need to drop off before 8:15, please contact Champions, our child care service to inquire about before school child care.
  • Dropoff is at 8:15 if your Tiger is having breakfast at school.
  • Once the car stops please let your Tiger out between poles 1-10.
  • Do not speed through the parking lot.
  • If you are getting out of your car for any reasons, you must park on the sidewalk side and walk to the office. Don't forget to make your appointment first!
  • If your Tiger is on campus after 8:45 they will be marked late.
  • Learning starts at 8:45! Please make sure your Tiger is here on time in order for instruction to begin.
Hello Tildenville Families,

This message is for 3rd-5th grade students and families. The Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) are still planned to be administered this year to all 3rd-5th grade students. All state tested are required to be taken at school and cannot be done virtually or remotely through the LaunchEd format.

Since FSA is a state test, that means if your child is currently LaunchEd, arrangements will have to be made with the school to come in for testing during the scheduled window or days for specific subject area tests. As of now there has been no word from the state on if testing will be cancelled or postponed, so we have to plan for testing coming up this spring.

Here are the tentative testing dates for each subject area test in 3rd-5th grade. These dates are subject to change.

April 6 - 3rd grade FSA ELA Session 1
April 7 - 3rd grade FSA ELA Session 2

April 8 - 4th/5th grade Writing Component

May 3 - 4th/5th grade FSA ELA Session 1
May 4 - 4th/5th grade FSA ELA Session 2

May 6 - 3rd-5th grade Math Session 1
May 7 - 3rd-5th grade Math Session 2

May 10 - 5th grade Science Session 1
May 11 - 5th grade Science Session 2

As we learn more, we will share the information with you. If you have any questions relating to testing, contact Mr. Dolfi at or at 407-877-5054 x3972225.
Outstanding Academic Achievement!
IMPORTANT: Attendance and Tardies
Tildenville is following the district guidelines for attendance this school year.
General attendance procedures: both LaunchED@Home students and face-to-face students where it applies:

1) Students and teachers involved in the LaunchED@Home are to follow the traditional school schedule (bell times).

2) In all LaunchED@Home scenarios, it is required that teachers take attendance each class period during the live video conference.

Students are Present:
  • Students are expected to be present in the classroom if face-to-face or with the live lessons via video conference daily at the time the bell rings to begin class.
  • Students are expected to remain in class if learning at school or with the live lesson for the duration of the class to be considered present.
  • Students who are in attendance and visible for the duration of the face-to-face class or for the live lesson will be marked present.
  • For LaunchED@Home students, it is the expectation that students use their web camera unless they have submitted a support request for a non-functioning web camera.
  • For LaunchED@Home students, submitting assignments without attending live lessons does not constitute being present in class.

Students are Absent or Tardy:
  • Absent: Students who are not physically in class (face-to-face students) or in attendance during the live lesson will be marked absent.
  • Tardy: Students who are not physically in class (face-to-face students) or present in the live lesson by the time the tardy bell rings will be marked tardy.
Curriculum Highlight
Mrs. Negron was the first teacher at Tildenville to receive a Swivl camera. The Swivl camera follows and records Mrs. Negron as she walks around the room teaching her class. This will allow for our teachers to have more mobility in the classroom while teaching. Tildenville will receive 22 Swivl robots for teachers to use by the end of the month.
Important information pertaining to the continuation of our PTA next year . . .
PTA will be holding a general membership meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 7:30pm. We will be discussing open positions for next year's board.

Your PTA needs you! If you want Tildenville to have a PTA next year, we need to have board members! Attend this meeting to hear about the positions and ask questions. Nominations and elections will happen in May.

Zoom meeting info:
Laura Blackstock is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: PTA General Meeting - Feb 2021

Time: Feb 23, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 717 2797 3660

Passcode: tigers
Tigers the successful completion of 100 days of school!
Students and staff dressed up as a 100-year-old person . . .
The 1st grade team dressed up for the 100 days of school! Awesome job teachers!
Mrs. Figueroa and Ms. Medina dressed up for the 100 days of school.
Literacy week was so much fun! Score with reading!
Tigers support their favorite teams!
Literacy Week: Selfies
Our Tigers love to read! Thank you everyone who sent in a book selfie! 
More book selfies from Mrs. Fosdick's 2nd grade class.
Literacy Week: Hat Day
Ms. Kennedy and Joei having fun on hat day!
Literacy Week: Classroom Doors
A big Thank You to every class that made their door look festive for Literacy Week! And to all classes for participating in the week of literacy activities!
All 1st grade team doors - theme of Text Features!!! (#3,#6,#7,#8,#10)
2nd place - Ms. Kennedy’s class door (#9)
1st place - Mrs. Rosarios’s class door (#2)
Door #1
Door #2
Door #3
Door #4
Door #5
Door #6
Door #7
Door #8
Door #9
Door #10
Literacy Week: Crazy Socks Day
We are CRAZY about Reading!
Mrs. Gonzalez's 3rd graders had fun with crazy sock day!
Day 1 of composting, recycling and food donations in the lunchroom is underway! Look at all the food that was not eaten that we are able to donate to those in need. Great job Tigers!
Thank you to O-Town Compost for working with our school on this new program. Some of the compost that will be created will come right back to our school garden! We have a quick video here for our Tildenville community to explain how it works. Thank you for watching!
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
As part of our SEL initiative this year, the staff is participating in Dessert Wednesday's. The CORE team kicked off the first week with brownies for the staff.
Teacher of the Year & Support Person of the Year
The OCPS Teacher of the Year and Support Person of the Year celebrations (the annual Stellar Awards on Jan. 27) were held virtually this year, so Tildenville celebrated Mrs. Negron and Mr. Johnson with a staff grab and go breakfast. Thank you for all you do! 
We have left over yearbooks for sale! Buy one now before they are all gone!

Yearbook 2018-2019, $5.00

Yearbook 2019-2020, $10.00
More blended learning with Ms. Romo!
2nd grade, Dual Language
Two Very Special Tiger Recognitions!
Congratulations to Mrs. Toledo! She graduated with her Masters in K-8 Mathematics and Science Education from UCF this December.
Congratulations to Mrs. Negron on her recent graduation from UCF! She has earned her Masters in K-8 Mathematics and Science Education.
OCPS 'Top Talent' is looking for our talented Tigers!
Community Resources
Leadership Team
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