We can do small things in our daily lives to make a difference.  Carpool.  Bike.  Switch to energy-efficient lights.
But big impact -- the kind that transforms neighborhoods, communities, and our state -- requires a movement. 

HEC is proud to be a leader in the movement for positive change in Indiana -- achieving victories for healthier waterways, more abundant forests, and cleaner, safer communities. 
Our movement is powered by people like you.  If you give to our cause by midnight on June 30th, your donation will be doubled!
Your generosity to HEC enables us to...
1.) Protect fellow Hoosiers from coal ash, factory farm waste, and industrial toxins -- challenges that affect citizens across Indiana.

coal ash/power plant
While air and water quality have improved for most Hoosiers over the last half century, there are neighborhoods and communities that are seriously hurting from toxic exposure.  We're standing up for them in places as diverse as urban In dianapolis and East Chicago to rural Hendricks and rural Morgan County
2.) Achieve state-level climate solutions.
We've been actively involved in initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions from Indiana's three largest sources: agriculture, energy, and transportation.  And we've been the leader in the effort to permanently safeguard a precious riparian forest, which will create a permanent and significant carbon sink along the White River. 
3.) Be your year-around eyes-and-ears in the Indiana Statehouse.
It's not unusual for HEC to be monitoring 50 to 75 bills when the Indiana legislature is in session.  We're looking after your air and water, and helping to foster a more sustainable future.  And our vigilance does not end with the end of the legislative session - we're monitoring developments there every month of the year.
4.) Provide trainings & workshops that empower you to make greater impact.

We can't transform Indiana for the better without a movement of informed and passionate advocates with us -- across Indiana -- like you.  HEC hosts monthly volunteer trainings, facilitates workshops across Indiana, and is a frequent presenter at large forums, like this upcoming one on Saturday, July 22nd.
Help us build the movement.  Every gift that you give to HEC will be doubled - if you donate by midnight on June 30th!

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Learn about our latest "Supporter Spotlight," Rachel Jenkins

Rachel spent her youth in Johnson, Morgan and Putnam counties as a member of a farm family and credits her appreciation for the natural world to many hours spent outdoors working and playing. 

She has lived in Greentown, Indiana since 1962 and is retired from both a photography studio that she operated with her husband and an overlapping position as editor of a monthly community newspaper. 

Rachel and her husband have always been good environmental stewards - recycling, conserving energy and gardening without chemicals.  Over time, Rachel realized that as important as these personal lifestyle practices were, it was also important for her to play a role in affecting public policy, and she began following bills through the state legislature and expressing her opinions on them. 

Rachel is particularly impressed with HEC's focus on education and advocacy, and on Hoosier issues.  Acknowledging that there are many, many problems that need to be addressed, she believes she can be most effective working in her own community and state.  After making the decision to increase her financial support, she was particularly happy to learn that her donation would be doubled during HEC's gift match in June!

Thank you, Rachel, for your dedication to Indiana's environment and for your generosity to HEC! 
Share your views & vision for rural and small town Indiana with state officials: l istening sessions underway!

wind energy
The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs is hosting a series of "listening sessions" to hear from Hoosiers about the challenges facing Indiana's small towns and rural areas, and what actions are needed to help these rural communities prosper.  

Please plan to attend a session near you, and offer your views on how our rural communities can become more sustainable and successful -- such as environmentally-friendly and humane food production, protection of local streams and lakes, conservation of wild lands including areas on state forests and other public lands, community solar, and opportunities to improve personal and community mobility and wellness such as greenways, trails and parks.
Support HEC Green Businesses!

We want to give a big shout-out to our new and renewing HEC Green Businesses listed below!  They are on the forefront of making Indiana a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place.  Pay them a visit and thank them for supporting our work!

Sky is the Limit 
WaterFurnace - Fort Wayne, statewide

emPowering Progress 
Whole Sun Designs - Evansville, Bloomington

Get on the Bus 
BRICS - Indianapolis

Sowing the Seeds 
Classic Cleaners - Indianapolis area

Keeping Afloat 
Hoosier BBQ Grill Clean - Indianapolis 
PurrfectPlay - Chesterton

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