HAGERSTOWN, MD (September 14, 2018) – Washington County Department of Business Development is pleased to announce the official grand opening of Tilt Studio in Hagerstown, MD. This new business is located at the PREIT- owned Valley Mall. The 47,000 square foot location will provide “fun at full blast” as it becomes the newest event destination for families.
Tilt Studio will replace the space vacated by Macy’s . Tilt Amusement Studios can be found at over 20 locations across the United States. At the Hagerstown location, Tilt will employ 45 staff members that range from general manager to party host, offering many options and flexibility for schedules.

Tilt Studio offers packages for every type of event: VIP specials, extreme teen events, family celebrations for all ages and birthday parties.  Tilt Studio will also be featuring a large variety of beverages for all ages. Local beer and wine from Washington County breweries and wineries is coming soon.  Beverages from both  Cushwa Brewing Company of Williamsport and Antietam Brewery of Hagerstown will be added to the menu in the near future.  Tilt Studio also offers a 10% military discount on attractions.