Cristo Rey Champion Highlight
Cristo Rey’s mission stands out among any school or mission, but for Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee Brett Kenefick and his wife Becky, the school is about more than just simple education; it’s also about helping to create future leaders.

We asked Brett and Becky what stands out about Cristo Rey to them and why they have dedicated significant time, talent, and treasure to make this school a reality.

Q: Why Cristo Rey?

We believe educating the next generation of Christian leaders is an opportunity that allows us to leave behind the most meaningful fingerprint during our short journey here in this life. The world is desperate for leadership: We see it in our political discourse, our disorderly discourse over social media, and the world is even thirstier for leadership with a strong spiritual center.

Cristo Rey takes some of our most talented young people who are trapped in environments that will not allow them to develop the leadership skills that God bestowed upon them and provides them with opportunity—the same opportunity as provided to myself, my children, and my colleagues. 

When [Cristo Rey Orlando President] Amanda [Livermore] came to me and opened my eyes to the amazing impact that Cristo Rey has had in 39 other cities, how could I say no to providing children in Orlando with access to this same opportunity?

Q: What is different about Cristo Rey?

Cristo Rey is being built for the long run and it is exciting. Its unique work/study partnership model allows the school to operate at a break-even. What other non-profit opportunities are able to do that?

And yet this work/study partnership is also part of the secret sauce to the future success of the students: These future leaders gain invaluable real-world training. They graduate from high school with incredible white-collar corporate work experience and a perspective that gives them a step up over most high schoolers, including my own children.

It is why when I visited the Cristo Rey in Atlanta, I was stunned to see where the children were attending college—Yale, Swarthmore, John's Hopkins, Tufts, Notre Dame. 94% of these students are going to college; that is transformational.

But it makes sense. These children bring a unique perspective and different kind of maturity that colleges and the workforce covet. And to bring that perspective to the future workforce with a strong spiritual Christian foundation is why we had to say "yes.”

Brett serves as the Vice Chair of Cristo Rey Orlando’s Board of Directors and as the Chair of the Finance Committee. He and Becky have contributed personal funds to significantly impact our capital campaign and Brett’s company, Vaxcare, has committed to employing 8 Cristo Rey students in our inaugural year.

If you’re ready to say “yes” to helping our mission and creating these kinds of futures for other Orlando-area students, please reach out! Forward this message to anyone you want to know about Cristo Rey.

The Cristo Rey Student Experience
At Cristo Rey Orlando High School, to be a student is to be part of a civilization of love bonded not only by academic pursuits but also by the shared values of our faith. Our education isn't solely about learning in the classroom and the workplace; it's about nurturing our mind, spirit, and soul.

Guided by our dedicated teachers and mentors, students are encouraged to embrace the teachings of compassion, integrity, and perseverance. Our diverse backgrounds and shared ambition create a beloved community where we can grow and contribute positively to our community and the world at large.

Through our distinctive work-study program, you gain valuable experience that will propel you toward a successful future, not just in higher education but also in life beyond the classroom. What's truly remarkable is that our commitment to academic excellence and service has been demonstrated in the exceptional college enrollment and graduation rates of our fellow Cristo Rey alumni compared to demographic peers.

As students of Cristo Rey, we hope that you'll be committed to upholding virtues and values as we endeavor to become compassionate leaders and professionals, making a meaningful impact on society.

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Our Founding Vice President of Advancement
We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the Cristo Rey Orlando High School Leadership Team, Andy Day! As our Founding Vice President of Advancement, Andy will continue building our major gift contributions while also developing an overall Advancement plan and team.

Andy spent the last 17 years of his career serving FOCUS, a mission based out of Denver, CO. In his most recent role, Senior Director of Philanthropy, Andy raised significant funds across the southeast region for FOCUS helping to grow the ministry in over 200 college & parish campuses.

Andy graduated from Christendom College with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics and earned an MBA with a concentration in philanthropy from the University of Mary. Andy enjoys volunteering locally and serves on the board of his kids’ school, Highlands Latin of Orlando, and serves as the Campaign Chairman for Holy Family Catholic Church. Andy lives in Orlando with his wife, Jenny, and their 5 kids.

"I'm thrilled to join such a vibrant mission to impact our local community through the investment of our young people. This transformative mission will have far-reaching, life-changing effects extending to multiple generations. By providing the younger generation with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need, we're profoundly contributing to the growth and development of our next generation of leaders." - Andy Day
The Yass Prize | Semifinalist
We are thrilled to announce that the Cristo Rey Network was named a 2023 Yass Prize semifinalist! Selected from nearly 2,000 applications, the Cristo Rey Network is the only Catholic organization represented among the 33 semifinalists, nationwide.

As a semifinalist, we are also in the running for a $100,000 prize, funded by the Yass Foundation of Education, that will fuel a NEW innovation grant for several Cristo Rey Network schools to fund local innovative, high-impact projects. 

Vote daily until November 25th to increase our chances!
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The Cristo Rey Network of high schools delivers a career focused, college preparatory education in the Catholic tradition for students with limited economic resources, uniquely integrating rigorous academic curricula with four years of professional work experience and support to and through college. We partner with educators, businesses and communities to enable students to fulfill their aspirations for a lifetime of success.
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