Time for Action:
Ask Governor to Sign SB 2651 Election Equipment Bill
June 1, 2018

Bonnie Cox, LWVIL President
Hilary Denk, LWVIL Issues Chair 
Jan Dorner, LWVIL Co-chair for Voter Service

Contact Governor Rauner to sign SB 2651, which contains Illinois Campaign for Political Reform's proposal to modernize Illinois voting equipment.  Click  here to send an e-mail or call 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244.

SB 2651 requires election authorities to provide biennial reports on their voting equipment conditions, and the cost to update and replace outdated equipment. 

The majority of Illinois' voting equipment was purchased more than a decade ago, which makes the need for new equipment more pressing every year. This measure ensures that the State Board of Elections will have the necessary means to provide direction to replace and repair these machines as this critical discussion continues in the coming years. 

The League believes that voting methods should ensure the integrity of the election system, maximize voters' unencumbered access to the ballot, preserve the secrecy of the ballot and ensure accurate and timely vote tabulation.
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