Time for Action:
Ask the Governor to Sign 2 Bills to Preserve Access to Health Insurance
FROM:    Bonnie Cox, President
                Jean Pierce and Allyson Haut, Issues Co-Chairs
                Janet Craft and Margaret O'Hara, Healthcare Issues Specialists

RE:         Contact Governor Rauner to sign two important Healthcare Bills that
               will preserve access to adequate Health Insurance for Illinois citizens:
  • Do No Harm Healthcare Act (HB4165 HA1)
  • Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act HB2624 SA3)

HB 4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act

Call Governor Rauner and ask him to sign HB4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act into law.  This bill would prohibit state officials from applying any federal waiver, or other action without legislative approval, that would reduce or eliminate any protection or coverage required under the Affordable Care Act.  This involves preventing any attempts to restrict or eliminate healthcare coverage, including but not limited to those with preexisting conditions. This includes any individual and group health insurance and Medicaid.

At the present time the US Congress and the Trump Administration are proposing actions that could threaten the health and well being of Illinoisans.  These actions include rolling back consumer protections, cutting benefits, increasing consumer costs, and restricting access to healthcare coverage. The Do No Harm Healthcare Act would require the General Assembly to approve any proposed waiver, ensuring any attempt to restrict access to healthcare is open to public debate, oversight and scrutiny.

HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act

Call Governor Rauner and ask him to sign HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act into law.  The purpose of this bill is to regulate short term limited duration health plans. This will be accomplished by establishing a maximum coverage of 181 days in any given year. Will also require clearly written disclosures on all sales and marketing materials for these plans.

On August 1st, the Trump Administration finalized a rule to allow the sale of Short Term Health Insurance expanding their duration from 90 days to 364 days, and allow renewals for up to 3 years.  Short term plans are not regulated by the ACA or the IL insurance code. They can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, they regularly rescind coverage when people become sick, and they are not required to cover any of the 10 essential health benefits. Without action on a state level, the new rule will entice healthy individuals to purchase these inadequate plans, and result in higher premiums or coverage denial for 5 million individuals in Illinois with illnesses and pre-existing conditions. The plans are very confusing for consumers and an expansion in enrollment into short term plans could severely destabilize the individual marketplaces.

Governor's contact numbers:
217-782-0244 (Springfield)
312-814-2121 (Chicago)

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