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Criminal Justice
Help make sure Governor Rauner signs these bills
July 31, 2017
         Bonnie Cox, President
         Hilary Denk, Vice President, Issues
         Janet Kittlaus, Criminal Justice Issue Specialist
Please contact Governor Rauner and ask him to sign these important criminal justice reform measures.  When you call, indicate the list of bills with the explanation "Why it Matters."  More detail is provided with each bill should the Governor's office desire it. 
Remind the Governor that criminal justice reform has been one of his chief initiatives.
The Governor's telephone contact information:  217-782-0244 (Springfield) and 312-814-2121 (Chicago).
HB303 helps to protect innocent parties from suffering unconstitutional loss of property and requires more reporting on the part of law enforcement officials.
The rest of the bills will help people to make a successful reentry into society from prison and/or provide training for those who work with offenders to ensure more positive outcomes for all involved.

These bills await the Governor's signature:
HB303 (Civil Asset Forfeiture Law Reform-offers more protection for innocent parties and requires greater reporting requirements.)
HB0375 (requires probation officer to undergo Crisis Intervention Team training)
HB0514 (requires immediate sealing of a record of arrest or charge if result is acquittal or dismissal)
HB0698 (creates the Prisoner Entrepreneur Education Program to teach business skills and enable successful reentry into society)
HB2373 (expands record sealing eligibility)
HB2738 (allows video visitation in prisons to enable those in prison to maintain relationships with loved ones)
HB2987 (ensures that Illinois youth who are or were homeless, in foster care, or court- involved to have a chance to get the jobs and internships they are qualified for and need)
HB3165 (requires that training of juvenile personnel include restorative justice courses)
HB3712 (helps men and women in prison to get access to tablets that will be used expressly to educate, hone skills, and video visit loved ones)
HB3817 (expands automatic expungement and strengthens confidentiality of juvenile records)
HB3903 (does not allow a place of detention or criminal processing on school grounds)
SB1688 (improves occupational licensing opportunities by creating a transparent and fair licensing process that looks at license applicants' rehabilitation along with criminal history.
SB1781 (expungement or sealing fee waiver pilot extended)
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