Time for Action: 
Governor Rauner Needs to 
Publicly Oppose Cuts in Medicaid
July 25, 2017
             Bonnie Cox , President
             Hilary Denk, Vice President- Issues
             Janet Craft and Margaret O'Hara Issues Specialists
RE:   Governor Rauner Needs to Publicly Oppose Any Cuts in Medicaid
Contact Governor Rauner's office, in Chicago 312-814-2121 or Springfield 217-782-0244, and say you want him to publicly oppose cuts to Medicaid in any legislation to repeal, replace or modify the Affordable Care Act.
Send a strong message that he needs to contact members of the Illinois Congressional delegation to make sure they vote in any cuts to funding Medicaid benefits.
More than 3 million Illinois residents receive health insurance through Medicaid, and last year the federal government sent about $14 billion to Illinois for its share of this program. Considering our state's financial situation, cuts in Medicaid in Illinois would not only be disastrous for those individuals that rely on it for healthcare, it would also cause the closing of nursing homes, hospitals, health care facilities especially in rural areas, including those that provide services to children.  Such closings would mean the loss of care for not just those on Medicaid, but all people in the region, as well as the loss of needed, well-paying jobs.
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