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Evidence-Based Funding: SB1
Bonnie Cox, President
Hilary Denk, Vice President, Issues
Jean Pierce and Claire McIntyre, LWVIL Issues Specialists, Education Funding

RE:    Evidence-Based Funding: SB1

Please call your Representative and ask them to urge Governor Rainer  to sign SB 1 into law.  If the Governor vetoes SB1, ask him or her to vote YES to override his veto.  This is particularly important if your Representative is a Republican.
Find  contact information for  your State Legislators at http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

  • SB1 must be passed in order for schools to receive money appropriated by the budget.
  • Under SB1 the distribution of educational funding will no longer discriminate against districts with low property wealth.
  • Since districts will not depend so heavily on property taxes, these taxes can be reduced.
  • SB1 bases school funding on research-based parameters which put money where the need is greatest without taking money from any district - there are no winners or losers.
  • I f your legislator claims "SB1 is a bailout of Chicago", please inform her or him that
    • Chicago is the only district in the state which must pay its own pensions
    •  The $200 M from SB1 which is designed for Chicago would go to pay pension costs, preventing the district from using classroom dollars to pay for pensions.

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