Time for Action:
File Witness Slip 
Gun Dealer Licensing Veto Override
March 26, 2018

Bonnie Cox, President
Hilary Denk and Heather Cunningham, Issues Co-Chairs
Mary Klonowski and Barbara Marsh, Issues Specialists
File a single witness slip immediately in support of combined legislation on SB1657 and HB1273.

How to file a Witness Slip:
On Tuesday afternoon, March 27, the Illinois House will be holding a hearing on the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, SB 1657, which Governor Rauner vetoed. The Governor stood with the NRA instead of the 85% of Illinois voters that support this legislation.

Upon reconvening on April 9 after the current recess, the Senate will consider overriding the Governor's veto of SB1657. If the Senate override is successful, the House will have to consider overriding. Both overrides must be done with a 3/5th vote. It's important to communicate to the House via Witness Slips that we support the override because witness slips are already being filed in opposition.

Also, continue to call or e-mail your IL Senator, per the recent Time for Action to vote to override the Governor's veto. 

Find contact information for your State Legislators at http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/
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