Time for Action:
Override Governor's Veto of SB 1657
March 15, 2018

Bonnie Cox, President
Hilary Denk and Heather Cunningham, Issues Co-Chairs
Mary Klonowski and Barbara Marsh, Gun Violence Provention Issues Specialists
RE:  Governor Rauner's veto of SB 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill

Call your State Senator to vote to override Governor Rauner's veto of SB 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill. 

Find contact information for your State Legislators at http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/
  • Schedule a meeting with your Senator in his/her District Office between now and April 10th.
  • Voting Record from April, 2017: 30 YEAS 21 NAYS 1 PRESENT:
    • N Althoff Y Cunningham Y Martinez N Righter N Anderson N Fowler N McCann Y Rooney Y Aquino NV Haine N McCarter N Rose N Barickman Y Harmon N McConchie Y Sandoval Y Bennett Y Harris N McConnaughay N Schimpf NV Bertino-Tarrant NV Hastings Y McGuire Y Silverstein Y Biss NV Holmes Y Morrison NV Stadelman N Bivins Y Hunter Y Mulroe Y Steans N Brady Y Hutchinson Y Muñoz N Syverson Y Bush Y Jones, E. Y Murphy N Tracy Y Castro NV Koehler N Nybo Y Trotter Y Clayborne Y Landek N Oberweis Y Van Pelt Y Collins Y Lightford P Radogno N Weaver N Connelly Y Link Y Raoul Y Mr. President N Cullerton, T. NV Manar N Rezin 
  • The Senate passed SB1657 in April of 2017 with a vote of 30 Yeas, 21 Nays and 1 Present. To override the Governor's veto requires 36 Yeas. 
  • The Senate did not take up the override of Gun Dealer Licensing on March 14, the day after the veto. The vote did not happen because Gov. Rauner's office did not file the official override paperwork with the Senate. 
  • The Senate has adjourned until Tuesday, April 10 so nothing will happen on the motion until then at the earliest the second week of April (assuming the paperwork is filed.)
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