Time for Action:
Urge the Governor to Sign 
Criminal Justice Bills
June 15, 2018
Bonnie Cox, LWVIL President
Hilary Denk and Heather Cunningham, LWVIL Issues Co-chairs  
Janet Kittlaus, LWVIL Criminal Justice Issue Specialist

Contact Governor Rauner to sign these bills:
  • HB4208
  • HB5341
  • SB3388 
Click here to send an e-mail or call 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244.

HB4208 creates the Safe Schools and Healthy Learning Environments Grant Program in order to promote school safety and healthy learning environments by providing schools with additional resources to implement restorative interventions and resolution strategies as alternatives to discipline action that removes or excludes a student from his or her usual educational setting, e.g., suspension and expulsion.

HB5341 provides that a court shall not deny a sealing or expungement petition because the petitioner has not satisfied an outstanding financial obligation imposed by the court or a unit of government. Sealing enables people to gain employment--after which they are able to pay financial obligations!

SB3388 expands eligibility to participate in Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) to all probationable offenses. ARI provides incentives to counties to reduce prison admissions by diverting individuals into community-based services.
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