Time for Action:
Urge Governor to Sign  SB 337, Amendment 3 , The Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act 
June 14, 2018

Bonnie Cox, LWVIL President
Hilary Denk, LWVIL Issues Chair 
Mary Klonowski and Holly Fingerle, Issue Specialists, Gun Violence Prevention
Circulate and collect signatures on a petition urging Governor Rauner to sign SB 337, Amendment 3 , The Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act. Petitions should be mailed in by June 30, 2018 to the address at the bottom of each petition sheet.  Any IL resident may sign the petition.  E-mail addresses on the petition are optional.
Click on this link to access copies of the petition (revised):

Click here for a  Fact Sheet on this legislation. 

In February of this year, Governor Rauner vetoed the original SB 337, the Gun Dealer Licensing bill. In bipartisan negotiations the bill was amended to address concerns of legislators who were generally supportive but uncomfortable with some details in the original bill. SB337, Amendment 3 was then passed with the following vote counts:  
  • Senate 35 Y 20 N 
  • House 65 Y 49 N
SB337 Amendment 3 requires Federal Firearms License holders in IL to be certified by state police. This certification will implement best business practices to help reduce guns entering into illegal markets and allow state and local law enforcement to crack down on corrupt dealers.

It's time to intensify our efforts to urge Governor Rauner to sign the bill. If each League member could fill at least one copy with 10 signatures and mail it in, the Coalition would be well on its way to collecting 150,000 signatures overall.
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