Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Senior Bulldog, Edsel

I must say, when my family loaded me up and dropped me off at the shelter, I was really surprised. I thought we had a good thing going. I had lived with them all my life, but then they decided they did not have time for me any longer in my senior years. I’m really no problem… I use a doggie door, I sleep in my own bed and I am super friendly with everyone I meet. Oh well, life happens and here I am.

I am 8-years old, but I act like I am only 4 years old. So, I’m not an old guy by any means. I’m a healthy guy, very playful and LOVE to snoop around into everything. I use my nose and smell everything. So, don’t bend over in front of me or your going to get a cold surprise! I have very good manners. I know to do my business outside, I can use a doggie door, I know how to sleep in my own bed and I don’t jump on people.  

I think I hit the jackpot with my foster family. They picked me up from the vet’s office and I have been treated like a king at the “Bulldog House” ever since!

My only problem is my tummy. It is sensitive and I have to be on a special diet for the rest of my life. Something we just figured out the hard way. My forever family needs to help me watch what I eat. I am very thin right now, but Foster Pops says he looks forward to putting weight on me and doing the before and after pics! I really enjoying my comfy bed and blanket someone donated. Thank you so much for my gifts! I’m going now to get me a snack. Be on the lookout for my weight gain progress!