There is a Season for All Things
Over the last 8 years I’ve taught countless hours of yoga classes in my little studio. What a gift I’ve been given, to share, grow, and learn with all of you. Not only yoga but meditation, philosophy, health, and so much more. Now is the time to move on from the studio that is my yoga home and see how I can share my gifts in other ways. I plan to take my bag of tricks and package them to bring the best parts of my knowledge to those who want to grow.

The tag line for is a holistic approach to inspired living. I want to expand on that to offer group and private classes that work with every aspect of you – body, mind, and spirit – and help you transform your life. It’s possible to use a variety of holistic tools to achieve your goals. I want to be your holistic guide.  

Although I don’t know exactly how that looks right this minute, I’ve got some “irons in the fire” and many ideas to explore. I WILL CONTINUE TO teach yoga and other classes. Let’s keep in touch so I know where to find you and you know where to find me.

I want to thank you - all the beautiful people who came out and gave yoga (and me) a chance. You do the most amazing things in the world. You inspire me. Every one of you made me a better person. I’m grateful that we had the chance to share some time.



The studio will close on 7/31/18.

Classes and special events will continue through July.
The schedule may change. Check the website and Mind Body for updates.