Ready for a Post-Roe LA!
Court Wraps Up Oral Arguments

The Supreme Court just wrapped up arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, the case that could either overturn Roe v. Wade or alter it.

While it's difficult to read the tea leaves from today’s arguments, it has given us reason to be excited that the Supreme Court is considering a decision that will allow Louisiana to protect more babies from abortion. We hope the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, allowing our state to protect every Louisiana baby from abortion! 

And if that is the decision, Louisiana is ready to help women in a post-Roe abortion-free future with an abundance of private and public social services.

We just launched our "Louisiana Is Ready" Campaign today to show that we are ready for an abortion-free future where babies are protected and mothers are helped.

πŸ‘€ We have more than 70 digital billboards up today.
πŸ“± We are on social and digital media, including a full-takeover of the's website.

We can't let the abortion industry drive the narrative that women will be abandoned in Louisiana in a post-Roe future. They aren't today, and they won't be if Roe is tossed on the trash heap of history. Just take a look at a growing list of resources available in Louisiana that we are assembling. Louisiana is here for women and babies.

Today, we will host three press conferences in New Orleans (11:30 AM), Shreveport (1 PM), and Baton Rouge (2:30 PM) to react to the arguments and share that Louisiana is ready for an abortion-free future. Watch those press conferences today on our Facebook page.

We certainly don't know what the Supreme Court will decide, and we will not find out until June or July of 2022. But regardless, we are ready to protect babies and help moms. Share that word with others today.
For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is Jan. 23, 2022, throughout the United States. Louisiana Right to Life is offering free bulletin inserts to churches to give out on that day and has other resources to help your church and pastor utilize this day to raise awareness about what the Bible teaches about the sacred gift of human life, how life is under attack, and what the church can do protect the sanctity of life. Will your church participate?
In January and February 2022, Louisiana will march "Together for Life" as we advance closer toward an abortion-free Louisiana and a more pro-life America! As the Supreme Court reconsiders the unjust decision of Roe v. Wade, we must march united in defense of every precious unborn baby, with a strong commitment to support moms, both now and in a post-Roe Louisiana. There are five marches statewide!
The Proudly Pro-Life Gala is set for Jan. 15 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. State Sen. Katrina Jackson will receive the 2022 Proudly Pro-Life Award during the event, chaired this year by Kurt and Susan Crosby. You still have time to become a patron or sponsor for the event, and individual tickets are available for $150 each.
Do you need a Christmas gift for someone special? Check out our website store and purchase a Preaux Life T-shirt or magnet or a 2022 Right to Life Calendar featuring babies from across Louisiana! All money raised goes to defending life in Louisiana through education, legislation, activism, and service.
The Proudly Pro-Life Gala is set for Jan. 15 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. State Sen. Katrina Jackson will receive the 2022 Proudly Pro-Life Award during the event, chaired this year by Kurt and Susan Crosby. We are also excited about our keynote speakers, Christian filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Become a patron or buy a ticket today!
Giving Tuesday has come and gone, but it's not too late to help us reach women and save babies through our Advertise for Life inititative! We've confirmed at least 23 babies saved from abortion in 2021 through this program, but we are currently only reaching 44% of women searching for abortion. With your help, we can save more lives!
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Join Louisiana Lawyers for Life and help light the way to a pro-life Louisiana! Louisiana Lawyers for Life joins Louisiana attorneys and law school students together to support the legal protection of human life, born and unborn. A membership drive is now under way!
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