The Annual Gathering of all Shoal Bass Fisherfolk
in Macon, March 5th, 5:30pm

Sponsored by Ocmulgee Outfitters
Pretoria Fields Collective Brewery

Hosted by Flint Riverkeeper
Food, beverage, fun, and learning are afoot! Join Flint Riverkeeper and your shoal bass-fishing friends at The Creek Stage , next to The Rookery, in Macon GA at 543 Cherry Street at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 5th . This is the annual meeting where the latest in shoal bass science and conservation-oriented management, plus a small dose of conservation politics, are shared so that you can not only become more informed, but also sharpen your ability to help conserve and promote your favorite fish.
This year holds additional attractions for your enjoyment, comfort, and maybe even fishing skills and equipage. Ocmulgee Outfitters, a brand new source of fly fishing gear and clothing, located just a block or two over on Poplar Street, will be displaying some of their wares and have them available for purchase. Some of our guide friends who consistently lead clients to quality shoalies will also be on hand. And, this year’s food and beverage will be stepped up, with no additional cost to you. There will be a once-only $12 fee to enter , roughly equivalent to what you have been paying at the former venues for food and drink (please tip your waiters and waitresses!). Credit cards, cash, and checks accepted. There will be a fine special selection of meals including dessert for you to order from our own customized menu, AND unlimited beverage including non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and Pretoria Fields Collective brews featuring, of course, their Shoalie IPA!
Your agenda for the evening:
5:30pm – beverage, mixing with your friends, visiting with Ocmulgee Outfitters and shoal bass guides
6pm – supper
7pm – evening program: Steven Patrick (UGA Extension Service); Hunter Roop (GADNR); includes information addressing Chattahoochee Bass (redeye) and Shoal Bass movement and genetics in the Upper Chattahoochee basin. Also, updates on Flint, Ocmulgee, and Chipola shoal bass topics, and news from under the Gold Dome.
So Join Us! You will enjoy the food, drink, fellowship, vendors, and presentations. ‘Going to School’ has never been more fun.

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