March 2018 
Time Management for Your Next Print Job

This month, we decided to share an insider print tip with you about time management. You may be asking yourself what on earth time management has to do with printing. Well, a lot... Time management pertains to printing primarily because if you don't allow enough time for the job, you're doomed from the start.

When you're running low on time to complete a job, mistakes happen. Most of us can vouch that's just a fact of life. The mistakes are often small details that seem so minuscule that they can't matter. They do matter. For example, we've found that people often mix up contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses on rush jobs. And while those are small and hardly take up a line of print, you have a big problem on your hands when customers start contacting the wrong person.

These mistakes often arise from the lack of proofs in rushed print jobs. See, we in the printing industry love proofs. They're another chance to catch any small detail that needs changed. And trust us - taking the time for a proof is still less time than it takes to re-run a botched job. So, always make sure to leave time for proofs in your print jobs.

Are you ready for it? The biggest time management tip we can give you is to plan ahead. Have a time frame for your print job and share that timeline with us. We're here to help you reach your deadlines but can only be of service if we know what those deadlines are. 

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We already know that people trust print advertising more than digital ads, and there are a lot of good reasons why. But when you are approaching your next print ad campaign, do you ever find yourself grasping at straws for a fresh idea? Do you feel tempted to repeat the same old thing you've done before? Don't give in! We're here to give you some inspiration for your next print advertising campaign...   Read more.
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13 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Invest in a great display
I've seen even some of the big companies bring some really sad-looking tables to a trade show. If you want to look bigger and more invested (and more investable!) then consider this part of your marketing budget for the year. If you have something printed that looks really great, you can also save it for future shows.

Use design to your advantage
We're all attracted to great design, whether we know it or not. At trade shows and conventions, it's easy to have everything blend together visually. Make sure you have a booth that stands apart from the competition -- using design as a differentiator. Hire a group whose work you love and doesn't specialize in exhibit design to get the best results.

Use creative stunts to get people's attention
The big guys often use fancy pop-up displays and don't mess with customizing anything. We beat those exhibitors every time on a very small budget. Two years ago, we partnered with the local zoo to bring two penguins to our trade show booth. People crowded around our booth from the moment the show began. We handed  out penguin-themed flyers and penguin stress balls. People STILL remember it!

This is an excerpt of an article originally featured on  Inc

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