July 2018 Newsletter
Sometimes we can get so caught up in the busyness of life we can’t remember the last time we took more than a few snatched moments to be still. To rest. To fully engage with God.

Is that where you are?
Do you long to set everything else aside and retreat?
In silence?
The initial 24 hours were challenging, lack of external noise forced Bill to battle the internal noise of negative self-talk where evil was subtly yet relentlessly hunting. Then things started to take a turn, going into the second day he started to hear from God and allow the Holy Spirit to work within him. The daily times of communion in silence & stillness were powerful. Over the next few days, Bill was able to share what God had been revealing with his spiritual director and receive guidance on where to go in the Scriptures and in prayer. Having the time to truly contemplate specific passages of Scripture and seek to be at one with God in his thoughts was transformational.

“Through the Silent Retreat and the Battle for the Heart process I have received complete healing in an area of my life that has caused me pain for over 30 years.”

Bill found his experience at the Silent Retreat so fruitful that he is coming back for more! In October, Bill will drive 12 hours from Pennsylvania to Nashville to attend his 2nd Wellspring Silent Retreat.
" Solitude provides an opportunity to see how our behavior is shaped in ways outside the compulsions of the world;
silence helps prevent us from being suffocated by our wordy world.
Here we may catch our emotional breath and regain perspective,
as a deep unseen work transforms from the inside out.”
- Henri Nouwen
  Corb Heimburger of St. Louis certainly experienced being moved in unexpected directions when he attended his first silent retreat. Entering in with the charge to “go waste time with God” he was not expecting to leave with a new call on his life. On the first day Corb saw a crepe myrtle that had been severely cut back, but yet had small green shoots sprouting from the jagged edges. He heard a still small voice say, “That’s you – broken, wood hanging off, yet growth can still happen.” Through the help of his spiritual director and time spent contemplating the Scriptures, God continued to meet Corb in powerful ways through creation. He gained a greater ability to recognize God’s voice and his presence. But he also left the retreat with the strong conviction that God was calling him to become a spiritual director. He pursued that call and completed his training in May! Wellspring Group is delighted to have Corb serve as a Spirtual Director for our Silent Retreat this fall.
Wellspring Silent Retreats
give you the opportunity to:

  •  Experience a spacious, non-structured retreat with extended periods of silence for waiting, listening, dreaming, watching, walking, and journaling;

  • Meet daily with a spiritual director who will serve as a sounding board, offering perspective and prayerful discernment rather than advice;

  •  Allow unprocessed things in life - unresolved conversations, situations, and decisions to come to the forefront. Often what surfaces during the times of holy leisure and spiritual direction is profound and helpful in personal insight and focus and can move you in unexpected directions!
We want more men and women to have the opportunity to enter into the
Battle for the Heart.

Will you be a part?

Our Goal:
$5,000 in new monthly partnerships.

"Our lives had been carefully sheltered and unaware of the pain all around us. It was as if a blindfold had been removed and my heart was broken.The pain was more than I could bear, but for some reason – God just called us deeper still.

Over the next few months we fell into a God-sized story that I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived it myself.... "

Visit wellspringgroup.org or contact Anisa for more details.