Dear Neighborhood Council leaders, 

As you know, Neighborhood Councils advocate on issues like homelessness, housing, land use, emergency preparedness, public safety, parks, transportation, and sustainability. They also provide local expertise and a local voice on the delivery of City services to their communities, most often through the Budget Advocates process.

On June 19, 2020, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued Executive Directive #27 to address racial equity in City government (read it at .) Please share your personal thoughts about how the City of Los Angeles should allocate its budget, to better address issues of social and economic inclusiveness and equity in the community that you serve as a Neighborhood Council member.

While we would like you to speak from your perspective as a Neighborhood Council leader, this survey is for you to share your personal opinions as an individual board member. So please don’t worry about repeating any official positions that your NC may already have taken regarding the City budget on this survey - unless, of course, your board’s position represents your own personal opinions, as well.

Your feedback is anonymous. Results will be shared with Neighborhood Council members and City decision-makers at a future date, to inform and facilitate City budget discussions and planning. However, the data will only indicate which NC a respondent came from, and not the identity of the respondents.

*** Decisions are being made quickly so we urge you to please respond by July 13th at 11:59PM, Pacific Time (PT) ***

Thank you once again for completing this survey.