Dear Friend,

As we are counting down the last few days of 2020, are you doing the right things to prepare yourself and your home for a greater new year so you will have more joy, peace, abundance, prosperity, and happiness in 2021?
See if you can fill in the blanks below.
1)  To let go of old, unhealthy, and unsupportive energies, so I have room for fresh, healthy, and empowering energies for the New Year, I know I must __________ my home for 9 days in a row before New Year’ Eve, and I know exactly how to do it. 
2)  I know the _______ in other people including my spouse, family, friends, and business associates significantly impact the results I want to achieve in all areas of my life such as my financial success, health, and happiness, and I know how to remove the obstacles and get what I want.
3)  In order to realize my big dreams for a happy and abundant life, I know exactly how to _______ the tasks on my long To-Do List every day, so I have plenty of time to take care of the most _______ things in my life. 
4)  The Universe is governed by ________, which I know exactly how to work with in order to stay in the Flow of Abundance and on my Life Purpose
If you are not sure about your answers, then our Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for More Prosperity & Abundance can help you, especially in December as Master Mu will address all the above and more, with the goal to help you manifest the greatest life that you want and deserve.
The link HERE will lead you to a web page which gives you all the detailed info such as Why, What, How, Where, When, and How Much.
You do need to fill out a simple application form and wait for approval before you can participate in the program. The process is very quick. Upon reviewing your application, we will notify you if you are deemed ready to join the program. The purpose of this process is to ensure you resonate with our energy field so you will really benefit from the program. In addition, the information in your application form will make the connection between you and Master Mu stronger so the Energy Healing Transmissions she channels for you and the group will bring you more benefits. 
To start the process, simply copy the following: "I'm interested in Program 2. Please send me the Application Form ASAP." Then Hit the "Reply" button in this email and paste the content to your email.
Benefits of the Program in December include: 
·  Receiving powerful Energy Healing Transmission from Master Mu for Abundance and Prosperity.
·  Learning the Universal Laws that help you attract more abundance and happiness.
·  Learning powerful practices that help you reduce the negative energies in the people and things surrounding you which distract you and keep you away from the greatest life you want and deserve. 
Overview of the Program in December:
1) Remote Healing:
During the entire 3rd and 4th weeks of the month, Master Mu takes in the participants' information, energy, condition, and needs deeply into her heart, mind, and consciousness while doing her energy work remotely every day and channels the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission (EHT) for clearing obstacles to the Energy Flow of Money and bringing in More Money, Success, Abundance and Prosperity.
For this part of the program, what you get to do is to simply stay connected with and open to the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission every day, for the entire third and fourth weeks of the month to receive the benefits.
2) Teaching of Powerful Practices: 
On the 3rd Saturday of the month by 3 PM, our registered students will receive the recording of Master Mu's teaching in which Master Mu teaches time-honored powerful practices for more Abundance and Prosperity.
For December, if you don't want to miss any of the Energy Healing Transmission for More Prosperity and Abundance, that Master Mu starts channeling in mid-December (and will continue every day during the 3rd and 4th weeks of the month), please be sure to request the Application Form NOW so you can turn in your application ASAP and complete your enrollment after your application is approved. If you are late in registering for the program and end up missing part of the Energy Healing Transmission this month, we can make a special arrangement for you so Master Mu can extend her remote healing for you to make up for the days you have missed.
Again, to start the process, simply copy the following: "I'm interested in Program 2. Please send me the Application Form ASAP." Then Hit the "Reply" button in this email and paste the content to your email.
Click HERE for program details. 
May you and your loved ones be blessed with true abundance, great health, and much joy during the holidays.

With much love and light,

Mary Ho (PharmD, Retired Pharmacist)
Assistant to
Master Mu, Awardee of "Master of the Year on Health Qi Gong"
The Thriving Foundation
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