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Sunday Gathering is Online
Unified at 10 AM

Something new is happening at FPCB but it is very old. New Testament Christians met in homes, not church buildings. At times, they received teachings from the Apostles of Jesus. Did the Apostles have websites, Facebook, or email? No, they used hand-delivered letters. The church grew rapidly across the Roman empire. Was the church's growth attributed to techniques or styles or personalities? No. The Lord added new believers daily because the followers of Jesus submitted to the Word of God. Here's the formula:

(The Word + Hearing + Trust + Obedience = Growth in love)

In this edition of Life@FPCB, you will learn how our church will convene itself during the current pandemic. Together, we will be getting down to the most basic expression of being the church, gathered around the Word, trusting in Jesus, submitting in obedience to being the church no matter what limitations we face.
Being the church during the Coronavirus Pandemic

PRAYER - Lord, There is nothing outside of Your sovereignty, not even a viral pandemic. I will ask You "why?" and I will not understand. Your ways are higher than my ways. From your Word, I do know of Your ever-present desire to purify my devotion to You. Purify me. Reveal to me what you are pruning in my life so that I can more fully bear the fruit you desire. I pray this for our church, it's leaders at all levels, and for every one who has professed You publicly as Lord. Amen.