Time to Book Your Shore Excursions, 
Drink Packages, etc!
Your Royal Caribbean booking I.D. #:  If you haven't already seen that on your prior invoice, it was on your February e-mailed invoice and all invoices thereafter. It's highlighted in  YELLOW  near the top left side of your invoice. This will be needed when you book shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, spa's, etc. and later this year when you are required to do your online check in.  Misplaced your invoice and don't know your RCCL booking I.D. #, call us at 540-942-8791.

Please note: When booking the onboard drink packages, shore excursions, etc., These charges will be billed to your cabin  after you are onboard ship and you can change or cancel them before you board if needed.
On Ship Drink Packages

As WE MENTIONED in a previous newsletter, we were working on a drink package deal. We now have negotiated a 1 time 10% off discount for on-ship drink packages.  This "1 Time" 10% OFF DRINK PACKAGE DISCOUNT will be offered ONLY during the upcoming month of MARCH. Snooze you lose! No reduced prices after that date nor on the ship. If you just couldn't wait and already reserved your drink package at the regular rate, you must now cancel and re-reserve in March to get the 10% off discounted price. To book your drink packages, you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # shown on your Feb invoice highlighted in yellow on the top left side.  Same for excursions, spas, specialty dining, etc... but no discounts offered on these.
Shore Excursions

Since this is a CUSTOM full ship charter we now have 10-11 hours onshore instead of the usual 5-7 hrs. That extra time means we finally have time to do both excursions and party  without rushing!  FYI to partiers: Our scheduled party times onshore are 12-4 on Grand Cayman, 3-7 at Cozumel and 3-7 at Key West. Click on the link below to see onshore time schedules.

NOTE:  All shore excursions are custom for  High Seas Rally passengers only .   We do expect a quick sell out of several of these . So best to book ASAP . Same procedure as booking drink packages shown below.   YOU ARE NOT CHARGED UNTIL YOU BOARD THE SHIP AND YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES PRIOR TO BOARDING. 


Click on the link below and follow these instructions:
Click on ALREADY BOOKED on the top bar on right hand side. Then click on CRUISE PLANNER . In the white header bar it will read, Shore Excursions, Dining, Beverages, etc . Click your preference. Then hit RESERVE NOW . Then follow the info asked.  Now you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # mentioned above to complete your reservation.  The date of departure is December 4, 2017 and the name of the ship is the Brilliance of the Seas. 
Ready For Some Exciting News?
Our 1st Rail Journey Donation!!!

Rocky Mountaineer has just donated a fabulous 6-day Rail Journey for two in their luxurious GoldLeaf Service from Vancouver to Calgary touring the absolutely amazing, breathtaking Canadian Rockies Highlights. This is one of those trips you have always dreamed of going on! And all proceeds benefiting our Debbie's Dialysis Fund. 
PLUS...Even More Great News!
Our 6th Donation Cruise!!!

Carnival Cruise Lines has just donated a 7-night Mexican Riviera Cruise for two that can be used during 2018!  How awesome is this???  High Seas Rally has done this itinerary twice in the past and it has been known as our funnest rally ever!  We may have to do it again one day! Again, all proceeds to benefit the Debbie's Dialysis Fund.
A Great BIG Thank You to 
Rocky Mountaineer & Carnival Cruise Line 
for their support & tremendous generousity!!!
1st Time in High Seas Rally's History!

This has never been done before!   Currently, we have 6 donation cruises & 1 Railroad Journey to raffle off during our 2017 High Seas Rally Full Ship Charter.  We will be selling raffle tickets that you can purchase and put into the designated donation vacation ticket boxes that you would like to try to win. We will draw a winner for each on stage on the last night of the cruise. To date we have donations from:  Rocky Mountaineer  (Canadian Rockies),   Carnival  (Mexican Riviera),  Royal Caribbean (Alaska),  Norwegian (Hawaii),  AMA Waterways (Europe),  Viking Cruise Line (Europe), &  Dream Vacations (Celebrity/your choice of itinerary).   

How amazing is this to see such generous support of our charity from all of our travel partners! And only  YOU , our 2017 passengers, will have the opportunity to win one of these fabulous trips! Good luck to each and everyone of you who participates in the raffles and know that you too will also be supporting the Debbie's Dialysis Fund with every ticket that you purchase.
HSR Wall Tin (Available Soon)
2017 Merchandise

High Seas Rally merchandise sales will open online on MAY 1st on our website!  There will be NO merchandise sold at the Host Hotel this year and quantities and sizes will be very limited !  So be online on May 1st and grab your High Seas Rally gear before it is all gone!

Click on each image below to show the design in a larger view.

Front Art 

Front & Back Art

Front & Back Art

Front & Back Art

Front Art & DDF 
on sleeve

Front, Back Art & DDF  on Sleeve

Front, Back Art & DDF on Sleeve

Front Art

Front Art

Front Art in Bling Rhinstones

This year ALL Ladies Tshirts will be in a "Woman's Cut" which will be more of a True Fit!!!
2017 Cabin Availability

There are still a few Ocean View & Inside cabins available for sale due to some cancellations that we had come in.  Plus there is one SI (1 person Studio Interior). Still time to get your friends and family on board with us for what is going to be the Biggest, the Best, the Greatest High Seas Rally of all time!!!

We also have a few folks that still haven't paid their February 1st payment yet.  So if these aren't paid by March 1st, then those cabins will be cancelled and also available for sale in April.
ATTENTION:   If you have not read all of the last 16 newsletters you will be missing valuable info for hotels, parties, drink packages, shore excursions all HSR special events, giveaways, prizes, celebrities, etc. Please click on the link below and get caught up. The newsletters are on the left hand side. Just mouse over and click.
Special Note: We will be out of the office from February 21st thru April 15th  as we will be on a pre-inspection cruise on board the beautiful Brilliance of the Seas getting things set up and ready for our Full Ship Charter.  We will also be traveling to Key West to also set up our party locations and going up to Tampa to make sure that the hotels are ready for the funnest bunch of bikers on earth!  

We are very excited about having the whole ship to ourselves this year and we plan on making this a trip of a lifetime for all of you!!!

So if you need to get a hold of us during that time, please email us and we will get back with you just as soon as we can.
Survey - Very Important!!!

You will be receiving a survey tomorrow via emailPLEASE take the time to answer a few questions regarding possible new future High Seas Rally intineraries! Your valuable feedback will help us determine the interest in traveling to one of these new and exciting locations with our HSR passengers.  So whether your answer yes or no, please take a minute to answer only 4 questions.  Thank you so much in advance!

HSR Wall Tin
(Available Soon)

Email:  info@highseasrally.com | Phone: 540-942-8791 |  Website:  h ighseasrally.com