January 2021
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Happy New Year!  I wanted to be one of the first people to invite you to attend the 2021 OAA Virtual Leadership Experience.  I know what you are thinking… another virtual meeting – ugggghhhhh.  The Opticians Association of America understands your hesitation and our team has done everything possible to make this meeting not only informative, but fun.

This experience will give you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while giving you the tools to make a difference in your profession.  OAA has lined up some of the best speakers across the optical industry to cover the topics that are shaping the profession of opticianry.  These interactive sessions will give you a true sense of where we are and where we are headed.

I also said this would be fun on top of educational.  OAA has implemented several fun activities throughout this experience to make sure you stay engaged and entertained.  I would let you know what they are, but where would the fun be in that?  Join us and be surprised by the creativity of OAA’s Leadership Team.

The OAA Leadership Conference is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge and skills to truly make a difference during this challenging time.  I truly hope you will join us for an experience that you will not soon forget.

Stay safe and healthy!

Chris Allen
Executive Director
Opticians Association of America
What are YOU doing on
Sunday,February 21st?
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Virtual Leadership Experience
Reach For The Stars!

A One Day event to further develop you personally and professionally. Celebrate being an OPTICIAN!

Who Is This For?

All Opticians! YOU!

A Leadership Conference? Do I Have To Be A Leader?

Nope, All Opticians are Invited! There is Something for EVERYONE here!

Here's What You Get:

  • Choose from 16 Breakouts Sessions with Nationally Recognized Speakers

  • News and Industry Updates

  • Get to Know Your State And National Leaders

  • Explore Current Topics

  • Entertaining and Engaging Activities

  • Enjoy Professional Development without the Pressure of Getting CE's

  • Ability to View Every Breakout and more...

Find - "The Art of Conveying Your Public Message"
Learn - "Creating A Winning Culture in the Workplace"
Explore - "Accepting Diversity, Am I There Yet?"
Discover - "New Year, New Energy- For Your Team"

What They Said:

"The Conference was more than 'a conference'; it was a transformative opportunity to connect with leaders from diverse backgrounds who share the passion of helping people see."

Charlotte Miller, LDO

Attending the OAA Leadership Conference … being on the forefront, walking in the footsteps of amazing leaders, past and present … I believe I can only fortify the industry."

Tyrone Wilson, LDO

"At the OAA Leadership Conference, not only was I exposed to some of the most knowledgeable and passionate leaders in the industry, but I met with some of the most inspiring future leaders."

Minerva Monaldo LDO

The annual OAA Leadership Conference has helped me to make my job a profession that I’m proud to be involved in. I’ve gone from ‘just an optician’ to someone who’s involved in paving the way for the future of opticianry.

Kevin Silva, Optician; President OAM
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