Time for Action
"Give me your tired..." Immigration, Healthcare, and Education bills
August 22, 2018

Bonnie Cox, LWVIL President
Jean Pierce and Allyson Haut, LWVIL Issues Co-Chair
Kim Reed, Janet Craft, and Margaret O'Hara, Issues Specialists

On or before Friday, August 24, call or email Governor Rauner.  Click HERE to email or  call 217-782-0244 (Springfield) 312-814-2121 (Chicago). 

Ask Governor Rauner to sign
Three Immigration bill:  
    • SB34 VOICES Act
    • SB35 Immigration Safe Zones Act
    • SB3488 Anti-Registry Act 
Three Healthcare bills:
    • HB4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act
    • HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act
    • SB2332 Tobacco Products Under 21 
One Education bill:
    • HB5175 SA1 Restore Local Control to School Districts
Immigration Bills:
  • SB 34, The VOICES Act improves access to U and T visas in Illinois by requiring qualifying agencies to certify that a person is a crime survivor (in most cases) within 90 business days of a request. This bill will encourage immigrant domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking survivors to report their crimes to law enforcement and enable to seek potential relief from deportation.
  • SB 35, The Immigration Safe Zones Act directs the Attorney General to develop model policies to protect individuals in schools, hospitals, courthouses and other "sensitive locations" should ICE attempt to apprehend anyone on these locations.
  • SB 3488, The Anti-Registry Program Act bars state and local government agencies from participating in any form of registry based on race, religion, gender or other characteristics.
Healthcare Bills:
  • HB4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act prohibits state officials from reducing or eliminating Affordable Care Act protection or coverage without legislative approval.
  • HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act regulates these plans by establishing maximum coverage of 181 days in any given year and requiring clearly written disclosures. Currently these plans are not regulated by the ACA or the Illinois insurance code.
  • SB2332 Prevention of Tobacco Use by Persons under 21 Years of Age and Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products Act raises the age when tobacco products can be purchased from 18 to 21.
Education Bill:
  • HB5175 SA1 Restore Local Control to School Boards prevents the Charter School Commission from overriding the decision by a locally elected school board to deny a charter school application. 
For details about why these are important, click HERE. 
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