Time for Action
Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act - HR 6545

FROM:     Bonnie Cox, President
Jean Pierce and Allyson Haut, Issues & Advocacy Co-Chairs


Call your U.S. Representative. Find their phone number HERE.
If your Representative is one of the Bill's Cosponsors (on the list below) please thank her or him:

If your Representative is NOT on the list of Co-sponsors, please urge him or her to sign on to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, HR6545.

Since 1994, when funding for the Act was first authorized, the US League of Women Voters has s upported violence prevention programs in all communities through the allocation of public monies in government programs to prevent violence.
Since VAWA was first authorized in 1994, violence against women has decreased by close to two -thirds.

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