Dear Library Supporter:

On Wednesday, February 13 th , at 11:30 in the basement of the Charles Town Library, 200 East Washington Street , the four libraries of Jefferson County will be making their annual request for funding from the Jefferson County Commission. This year, we are asking for $92,500 per library, reflecting an increase of $10,000 per library for the upcoming fiscal year.

Following our request for operating funding, at the same place, on the same date and at the same time, the Shepherdstown Public Library will be making a VERY important capital request - we are asking the Commission to allocate another $200,000 to our new library project building fund. Additional funding from the County will supplement the existing and amazing community support for this project and will lead us up and over the $3 million dollar milestone to build our new library.

We would ask our community partners to please attend if you can - and bring your friends! If you cannot attend, please send an email to the Commissioners voicing your support for Shepherdstown and all your public libraries - email addresses and sample letters included in the attachment below!

Thank you so much!


Hali Taylor, Director
Shepherdstown Public Library
P.O. Box 278
100 E. German Street
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

T: (304) 876-2783
F: (304) 876-6213