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Happy New Year!
Cheers to a new decade and the start of another tax season! We've been resting up and honing our skills and processes, and we are ready to kick off the season! To start, we will be delivering our annual individual and business Tax Organizers soon, so please read these lists of important reminders that will help to make this tax season successful for us all!
  1. Most important: if your contact info (mailing address, phone number, or email address) has changed, please let us know ASAP.
  2. Our preferred delivery method is through our secure client portal: the email address associated with your portal will receive a notification when the Tax Organizer is delivered. Please check with your spouse to see who is receiving the notifications, and you can change that if you want to. You will also need to change your password if you haven't accessed your portal in more than 90 days - just click on the Forgot Password link. (We can provide your username if you've forgotten it, but not your password.) Click here for more info on portals or if you need to register for one.
  3. If you have chosen to receive your Tax Organizer by email, it will come from or Check your spam/junk folders if you are expecting this email, which will be password-protected for your security.
  4. If you have requested a paper delivery, you should receive your Tax Organizer in the mail by January 18.
  5. Your 2019 Tax Organizer includes the annual Engagement Letter which must be submitted with your tax information. Signing this annual agreement is a legal requirement!
  6. Also included is the Questionnaire which is designed to eliminate mistakes from missing information, especially if something has changed from the prior year. Please fill out the Questionnaire even if you choose not to fill out the Tax Organizer!
  7. Did you pay 2019 quarterly tax estimates? If so, we need to know the dates and the amounts of those payments.

  1. If we prepare your small business Partnership, Corporation, or S-corporation tax returns, your Tax Manager will send you a Business Tax Organizer either by portal or email.
  2. A year-end letter is included with important dates and processes to follow when submitting your business information to our office.
  3. Also provided is a list of Questions that we ask you to answer in order to give us a more complete picture of your business activity and potential tax changes. And if relevant, please fill out your business miles and home office expenses for 2019.
  4. Feel free to forward the Business Tax Organizer to your bookkeeper so that he/she is aware of our submission deadlines and requirements.
  5. The items most commonly missed when submitting business tax information are 12/31 bank and credit card statements. Please make sure to include these!

  • January 31 - Forms W-2, W-3 and 1099-Misc. to the IRS
  • February 1 - Tax info to us for November year-end C-Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, and S-Corporations
  • March 1 - Tax info to us for Individuals, C-Corporations, and Trusts
  • March 31 - Tax info to us for individuals who are extending

Always use the 4-digit year so that the date cannot be easily changed (ex: from 1/6/20 to 1/6/2017)
We all look forward to working with you in the coming year and want to thank you
in advance for your partnership and cooperation!

The office will be closed on January 20 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Nancy Carter, Office Manager
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