Volume 50
March 10, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Behavioral influencers
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Super Launch Meetings
  • Rewards
  • Recognition
  • Debut Event
As talented team members practice the Art of Customer Service, it is advantageous to deliberately Reward and Recognize their positively trending impact. Whether motivated by personal pride, peer admiration, money or thoughtful generosity, many behavioral influencers can intently nurture fulfilling outcomes.

While patients’ plans of care drive clinical flow, we must also organize methods to celebrate team member’s extraordinary results in visibly aspirational ways that are
  • Surprisingly fun
  • Personally relevant
  • Remarkable, as self-esteem “gifts that keep on giving” ...
Since we cannot improve what we do not measure, what key performance indicators are timely? With wellness referral goals top of mind, we track the weekly number of wellness referral names gathered and consultative appointments made. This prior issue aimed S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Followed by learning about Super Launch Meetings:
What rewards best fit each colleague? Are they financial bonuses, pizza parties, gift cards, special nights out or a day off to get healthy rest? Here are 65 ideas to consider:
While rewards may be financial, lifestyle or experientially focused, Recognition Awards should be spiritually enticing. Think of award ceremonies, including of the celebrity type, that you have previously seen. Ponder the anticipation, prelude, precious moments, emotionally charged atmosphere and peer admiration associated. While rewards are investments, growing self-esteem stimulates ongoing dividends. Have you or someone near and dear ever won something in your lives and do you have fond memories?
65 Creative Employee Reward Ideas (2021 Update)

To help you out, we've scoured the internet and wracked our brains for the very best and most creative employee reward ideas, and put it all into one big list for you.

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By design, recognition awards are memorable in how they are earned and what they are. While physical awards can be made of wood, glass, canvas artwork or another material, their significance matters most. From status role perspectives, these attentive reminders will be happily enjoyed for years to come. Ideally, well-earned awards are showcased at point of care, in glass cases or on walls for all to see. While initial presentation is momentary, their impact is perpetual. Think of similar displays you have viewed throughout life’s journey. From high school hallways to corporate boardrooms, just awards have influential effects.

With your generous recognition award program’s debut:

  1. Their strategic essence should be clearly explained, so colleagues understand how deeper meanings align with high performance cultures. For example, awards related to exceptional customer service, internal leadership or philanthropic community efforts are popular.
  2. The physical awards should be upscale, visually appealing, built to last and something to be proud of. Think of how they will look and be presented in your practice showcase on a continuity basis. Investing in something a bit nicer will be well worth it.
  3. When winner(s) are to be announced, make an event and a moment of it. The significance of earning awards should be reflected in awareness of their upcoming presentation and stage setting. Coming soon is not just for trendy movies, it is also for eagerly anticipated recognition ceremonies. By creating excitement, you optimize engagement, fun and lasting impact.
For practices dedicated to going the extra mile with incentives, set larger goals all can contribute to achieving, then take a celebratory trip. While challenging to schedule a group travel adventure for just a few days, it will be cherished by current and future team members for years. Think about it, you and your colleagues will applaud the fact you did.
By creating prized recognition awards, team members will be motivated to enhance their confidence, peer status and professional spirit. When skillfully nurtured, enthusiasm will be contagious and practice culture elevated, with your high-performance team the prime beneficiary.
“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
— Ken Blanchard
Speaking of celebrations, next week will recognize the first year of sharing our Practice Growth Insights. With our 52nd issue, we will humbly reflect on the hearing care industry narrative being developed, seek your valued feedback and with your practice growth by design goals our inspiration, Spring forward!
Bruce Essman
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