Februrary 2021
Spring will arrive.... Eventually! Why is Spring maintenance is so important?
The busiest time of year for the car washing industry is arriving! To keep your doors operating smoothly and your car wash operating at its full potential, now is the time to run through our recommended maintenance checklist!

The unique and corrosive environment of the car wash can cause wear and tear on door hardware. While we offer corrosion resistant hardware and openers, it is still important to run through our maintenance checklist to prolong the life of your car wash doors. Proper lubrication can really keep your openers running to their full high speed potential. While double checking your weather stripping can keep frost and debris from entering your wash.

Click these links to download our suggested maintenance guides:

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Hey! Have you met Travis? Employee Spot Light
Travis Larson has been with Airlift Doors, Inc. for about 8 years. He started out in the warehouse cutting and taping polycarbonate door sections. Now, Travis works cutting and applying a seamless weld to the XRS vinyl door sections.

Living nearby in South Haven, MN. There are many opportunities to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Travis spends his free time hunting, fishing, and working at the Green Acres animal rescue.
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