October 2018 Newsletter
Orr Associates, Inc. is now Orr GroupSteve and Carol Orr talk about the strategy and thinking behind the firm's relaunch, and its evolution over the last three decades.
Rules of (Board) Engagement Part 1: How to Recruit the Right Board Members for Your Nonprofit  
Recruiting board members is critical to any development program. How do you make sure you attract and engage the right ones?

In part one of our three-part series on boards published by GuideStar, Andrew Bernstein and Hailey Kieltyka provide tips for empowering nonprofits in their board recruitment efforts.

Rules of (Board) Engagement Part 2: How to Activate Your Board as Fundraisers
With a strong Board in place, half the work is already done. But under-performing Boards are a huge missed opportunity. Next steps? Activate them as fundraisers! Becca Bennett and Jordan Richie describe how to cultivate a fundraising mindset among your board members.

Rules of (Board) Engagement Part 3: Tackling Board Transitions 
The final article in our three-part series on board engagement addresses when it's time to say farewell. Lisa Keitges and Ryan Grosso explain how to navigate the tricky transition of a board member's exit.

Turnaround for Children
Turnaround for Children (Turnaround) is dedicated to ensuring all students are placed on a path to fulfilling their full potential. Orr Group is partnering with Turnaround to develop and implement a major gifts strategy and provide interim leadership.

As k a MentORR
On Friday, October 12th, we hosted our bi-annual Ask A MentORR event. Professionals new to the world of nonprofits joined Orr Group's junior team for a productive group dialogue and mentoring session in both our NY and DC offices.

Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM) Conference
Young professionals with limited experience often wonder how they can distinguish themselves among the pool of recent graduates vying for jobs. Brandon Emerson will speak on a panel at MAAM's conference on October 18th about how to market yourself as a young professional (and fundraiser) during the job search process .
On October 18th, Managing Director,  Craig Shelley, will lead a session titled “The Pentagon of Campaign Leadership – THE CEO, CDO, Board, Campaign Steering Committee and Staff."

 Pulling Back the Curtain on Donor-Advised Funds
On November 8th,   Craig Shelley will serve as moderator for a session focused on the growing industry of dono r-advised funds. The session, sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, NYC Chapter, will look at how much money is invested in these funds, and how can you raise awareness about your nonprofit in this environment.

Rebecca Emami
Rebecca jo ins Orr Group as a Director with broad experience in nonprofit external relations and corporate marketing. When she’s not working she’s traveling, horseback riding, skiing, sailing, or exploring her new hometown of Alexandria, VA. We are excited to have her on the team!

Christina Engel
Christina joins Orr Group as the newest member of our Human Resources department, in support of the Vice President of Human Resources. When she’s not working she’s cooking, eating dessert, or hanging out with family and friends. We are excited to welcome her to the team!

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