When Change Hurts

10 hours ago

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. —  Romans 8:28  NIV
I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my life. Geographical changes. Career changes. Relationship changes. And I’m someone who isn’t the biggest fan of change. It’s really just not my favorite… as you have probably gathered by now.
And, friend, they are still happening! Just when I think life is smooth sailing, here comes another change.
Listen. If you’ve learned nothing from this little section of the book, and if I’ve learned nothing from simply living through all the changes, let’s all hear this —
brave people are okay with change because they remember that change is for our good.
That doesn’t mean you have to love change or seek change or want change. That doesn’t mean that when something that seemed to be going awesome takes an unexpected turn, you have to throw a party. It means that if you’re brave, you can walk through change with grace and hope that God’s promises are true and all things really do work together for good.
Some changes are welcomed. They’re celebrated. They’re fun. Promotions! Pregnancies! Book deals! Engagements! New homes! Though even the good changes in life can be difficult or stressful.
But then there are those other changes. The bad ones. The ones that don’t seem to have any silver lining.
Often change hurts. Often change is painful. Devastating even.
Maybe you just lost your job and you’re bracing yourself for the conversation you’ll have with your spouse tonight. Maybe the results from your MRI came back, and normal, as you knew it, ends today. Just remember — a brave person’s joy isn’t dependent on circumstances. God has got this, whatever it is. Your family. Your career. Your relationships. He knows your pain. He cares about your pain. And He wants you to live bravely, in the strength and knowledge that He is working for your good and He is ultimately in control.
Excerpted with permission from 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs, copyright Annie F. Downs.
 * * *
Your Turn
Change is inevitable. Sometimes great. Sometimes painful. What kind of change are you in the middle of right now? Even if you don’t feel brave in it, you can know that God is good and He is in charge!
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