Is It Time For an Important Family Discussion?
 – Andy Williams
In many ways it truly is, especially when children and grandchildren are involved. But it can also be the most overwhelming time of the year. With all of the family home or gathered, there may be a recognization that Mom and/or Dad has seriously declined in health, appearance, and/or energy. Since everyone is home, perhaps it’s time for that serious family discussion. 

If there are seven family members, there are probably going to be seven different opinions on what Mom and/or Dad may truly need. Let the professionals at Senior Resource Center be the family mediator, quarterback, and case managers who will present the appropriate options and solutions. More importantly, let us show you how to implement them.
At Home Care and Financial Planning for at Home Care
Community Medicaid is a governmental program that helps pay for care at home. 
As a general rule, Community Medicaid will pay up to 28 hours of care per week at home. Specifically, a certified home health aide or personal care attendant to provide assistance with eating, bathing; dressing; ambulation; and toileting to name a few.

Learn a bit more about financial planning for at home care via our elder care blog.
How to Select a Nursing Home
"Where do I begin?”

When someone is faced with the overwhelming responsibility of finding a nursing home for a loved one, the question often is asked, “Where do I begin?”. Although this is a very difficult process, with some professional guidance, the decision can be one that is fully informed and instills confidence that the best decision was made.
Financial Planning to Pay for Nursing Home Stay
Financial planning for emergency nursing home cases involves two major disciplines: legal and financial. The laws are structured differently for single and married people, and there are many different variables that come into play. Our team has highlighted strategies for single and married people below.
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