The Davis family will MATCH your donation until  FH Awareness Day!

None of us get to choose the specific genes we passed on to our children, however we do get to choose what we do about it.
Our family's story is like so many others.  In Tom's youth, many members of his mother's French Canadian family died suddenly of heart attacks.  Then it came time for him and his siblings to confront the effects of what we later learned the words for - Familial Hypercholesterolemia.
You could say we are the lucky ones.  Knowledge and medical progress have enabled our generation to survive, but effective treatment came late for us and we paid a high price. Forty years after the first diagnosis, among the Davis siblings we have 6 separate bypass surgeries, 3 stentings, and 2 heart attacks.  Thankfully, we are all still here.
In recognition of FH Awareness Day, the Davis family will generously match every contribution - dollar-for-dollar - until September 24th. 
$24  $48
We can all do better now to protect our children and grandchildren if enough of us support the FH Foundation's work to help other families like ours have the opportunity to prevent heart disease in the first place.
Our choice is to support the FH Foundation.    The FH Foundation is the first and only organization to succeed in bringing Familial Hypercholesterolemia to the attention of the public, the medical community, and policy makers in a manner that has resulted in remarkable achievements in just a few short years.  We wanted to spur donations from a large number of supporters so as to impress the world with the seriousness of our quest to conquer FH.  Your donation, however small, is a message to the world that you care.
Please join us!
Tom and Judy Davis

Mark your calendars for  September 24th and help us spread the word by sending out the save the date to your network and community!  

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