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Cruelty at New Holland Sales Barn - Again
YOU Can See Justice Done

Less than a year and a half after a judge told the New Holland Sales Barn in no uncertain terms that he did not want to see them back in his courtroom, the auction is once again facing a legal battle stemming from the horrific treatment of a dying pig AA investigators found suffering at the sale on January 16th. That is, if we at Animals' Angels have anything to say about it. Animals' Angels is determined to be a voice for the animals and see justice served - but we need YOUR help.

Animals' Angels has been keeping track of the systematic abuse of the animals going through the New Holland Sales Barn since 2007. That year, we brought charges against them for animal cruelty when three sick and gravely injured sheep were left alone to die and were successful in seeing them convicted. This was an unprecedented success! 

one of the sheep found at New Holland in 2007

In 2015 we brought charges against the auction again when an injured sheep and goat were thrown out like trash to die in a pile of other dead animals, and again they were found guilty of two counts of animal cruelty. 

sheep and goat found in dead pile at New Holland in 2015

As tragic as those incidents were, they were nothing compared to this recent event. Even our most seasoned investigators were distraught at the heartbreaking scene that confronted them that Monday morning a week ago. We witnessed a pig left to die among the bodies of ten other dead pigs. This poor creature was literally drowning in what was basically liquid manure.  With every weak breath it took, it inhaled this disgusting muck, and it was obvious to everyone who saw it that it was suffering horribly. 

Only our investigators were moved by basic human decency to take action, however. With no assistance from the auction forthcoming, our investigators contacted the police who subsequently forced the auction to euthanize this suffering animal.

dying pig in between other, already dead pigs at New Holland

We are pursuing charges against New Holland Auction once again for cruelty. Farm animals, because they are "livestock," have far fewer legal protections than companion animals but we will not rest until New Holland is held accountable for their ongoing inhumane and callous treatment of weak and dying animals. The auction was convicted twice before on our evidence and they CAN be again! But we need help to ensure this happens. 

That's why we are reaching out to YOU.  Your donation to our legal fund will greatly help this urgent, ongoing legal action. Because of the auction's past history of animal cruelty convictions, the courts have the power to give New Holland MORE than just a slap on the wrist this time around. But time is of the essence! We must go after them NOW and will full force

With YOUR support, we can ensure that New Holland is punished for their continued cruelty and neglect of basic animal welfare principles, and finally ensure that protocols are put into place so this type of treatment won't happen again. 

We need you. But more importantly, the animals need you. YOU can make a difference - right now - in the lives of the many animals going through this sale. Please donate today. 

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