Time.  Some of us waste it. Some spend it wisely. Some cherish it. Some say it’s an illusion, while others say it’s on our side. Some take it for granted. And then there are those who don’t have much of it left. When I first ‘met’ (on paper) Paulina (3), Penny (12), Paris (16), and Presley (17), it was to consider them for our summer hosting program . But I quickly noticed Presley’s age. And I told the team, “He doesn’t have enough  time .” You see, Presley will turn 18 at the end of August. He will no longer be eligible for adoption. And while his little sisters still have  time  left, the thought of being separated from Presley is incomprehensible to them – and to us too.   Time  is not on their side.
So, we beg of you, if you have  time , please share their story far and wide. Forward this email, so that it can be forwarded, and forwarded again, in hopes of finding their family. They would need a miracle, but one that is possible, even with little  time  left. Paulina, Presley, Penny, and Paris would need a home study ready family, as the family would need to submit I-800 for these siblings prior to Presley’s 18 th  birthday. Please, use some of your  time , in hopes of extending their  time  together….extending it from ‘not much left’ to forever.
Paulina, Presley, Penny, and Paris are available for adoption from a South American country through  Madison Adoption Associates . Contact Misty Lucas to learn more, or complete the  Prospective Adoptive Parent form  to be considered as their forever family.