Why is Accreditation so important for Polarity Therapists?
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We submitted our application to ICE/NCCA for accreditation in January 2019, and on Friday, May 10 th , our application was officially approved!

Our Board Certification is now accredited!

This has been a long and arduous undertaking, years in the making. We are grateful for the hard work that was done on behalf of APTA by many volunteers over the last 12 years to make this possible.

Our goals in establishing certification and becoming accredited have been:
   to position Polarity Therapy as a viable profession within the field of Integrative Medicine
   to protect Polarity Therapy Practitioners from state regulation by other professions
   to qualify Polarity Therapy Practitioners for autonomous state licensure
   to help qualify members for third-party reimbursement options
   to address the organization’s responsibility to the public by implementing quality assurance standards and establishing a respected credential for the practice of Polarity.

Although we still have work ahead of us, gaining accreditation is a crucial milestone in meeting these organizational goals.

Many thanks to the Certification Governing Council and their supporting staff, volunteers and consultants who made this possible.

We particularly want to acknowledge the following people. We apologize if we have left anyone off of the lists.

   Julie Chapman, CGC Chairperson
   Christina Ross PhD, CGC Vice Chairperson
   Shelley Drasal, Administrative Office Manager & her staff
   The APTA Board of Directors
   SeaCrest, our Certification Consultants

This accreditation effort began in 2007 under the visionary leadership of LaRose Daniels. We would like to thank LaRose and the following pioneering individuals as well as the many staff members who contributed to this effort.

   LaRose Daniels (former Chairperson)
   Nancy Risley (first Chairperson)
   Roger Gilchrist
   Johnny Henderson, PhD
   Moksha Kolman
   Christina Ross, PhD
   Damon Fazio
   Morgan Jackson MD
   Mary Ann Richardson, DrPh
   Iva Lloyd, ND

In 2016 the CGB was dissolved and a new Certification Governing Council (CGC) was formed in order to meet NCCA standards and submit a new application for accreditation.

We would like to thank the following volunteers who served on the CGC since 2016:

Carrie Massey (former Chairperson)
Julie Chapman (current Chairperson)
Christina Ross PhD (current Vice Chairperson)
Morgan Jackson MD
Letitia Bunge
David Comings PhD
Tom Hartman
Kate Addieg
Nadine Feighan
Johanna Vine
Marlene Perdan
Cathie Drumm
Cynthia Atha
Janet Dutton

We also had 32 Subject Matter Experts who helped with the creation of the exam.

This has been a massive undertaking and is an accomplishment and we owe a great deal of thanks to all who supported these efforts. 

May 10 th , 2019~ A day etched in APTA’s history!
Julie Chapman
Certification Governing Council Chair
Board of Directors