E mployers who sponsor a retirement plan are required to complete and return a census to EBS at the end of each year. If your plan year end is December this census request will arrive in your e-mail inbox during the month of January. In order to provide you the most accurate plan testing it is critical to provide certain details regarding your business and its retirement plan. At EBS we understand that preparing this census is not on your list of top-ten favorite things. We hope you find this article a good resource for understanding the usefulness of the request and value of your input.

Before starting your census project make sure you have the following items at your fingertips.

  • Prior Year Census Request - Answers to some questions might not change from year-to-year. Having your prior submission available will save you time.
  • Phone number for your EBS professional - We are here to guide you along the way.

There are two components to the census request: payroll data and compliance questions.

 Clients who use EBS payroll services are not required to submit census data since we have the information readily available . Keep in mind that it's essential to provide accurate information to payroll throughout the year. Specifically, hours worked and birth dates must be accurate. We suggest you review your "Retirement Plan Report YTD" once your final 2018 payroll is complete.

There will be some input involved for clients who do not use our payroll services. For ease, you may wish to work with your payroll provider to obtain a custom report. Be sure to contact your EBS retirement plan professional to obtain assistance with data requirements.

All clients should complete and return the compliance questionnaire. This form aids with pinpointing changes that have occurred which might trigger a plan amendment, a modification to highly compensated status, and/or a controlled group situation. It also provides information required for the Form 5500 filing.

If someone helps you with completing the census request be sure to review all payroll and company information before submitting it to EBS.