Message from the President & CEO
Time to move forward. 

When I think back to the past 8 months, I am reminded of the Kubler Ross Change Curve.

This is my attempt to align the MCE “COVID” journey with that model. Rest assured this is not a dire message but instead one of positivity and hope.

March 5, 2020. I was on a flight back from beautiful Portugal after a perfect vacation. There were 4 cases of COVID-19 in Portugal that day. Nothing to really worry about. Things at the airport were quite normal. Things at MCE were great.

March 13, 2020. Plans were being activated to shut down the college campuses. MCE’s offices are in the Stoney Creek Campus. Everyone gathered their laptops and planned to work from home for a while. In the next few weeks, as everyone knows, the bottom fell out.

March – April 2020. Shock and Denial. Shock at how quickly things shut down, however we did not really experience Denial as we could see by our numbers the reality of the situation. Frustration? Sure – we, as a team, liked the way things were going pre-COVID. We loved our face-to-face client meetings and training programs that allowed us to connect and build such strong relationships. We loved our team and I am sure there was Anger as we started to downsize and lose people. Maybe even Depression.

Everyone put on a brave face though; everyone put our customers first and foremost. We looked after each other with weekly team calls and one on one check-ins.

We supported our customers and began to Experiment with virtual training offers. We invited customers to join us on our journey by offering complimentary webinars where they could learn about Zoom, chats, breakout rooms, annotate and live polls alongside us.

We made the Decision and we converted all our programs to virtual in record time. And we have been successful, for which we thank our loyal customers who stuck with us throughout this journey. We are also grateful for our new customers who we never expected to come on board during a pandemic.
Virtual learning, Zoom team and client meetings, working from home, taking on new responsibilities, new ways to network, COVID safety policies ….all part of the Integration process and we, the MCE team are working diligently to keep our curve moving upwards.

The virus has not left us; however, we know we need to keep moving forward. As the leader of MCE, it is my job to think about the future. It is my job to get us through to the other side and build plans for growth and sustainability. It is also my job to keep an eye on the present; on the curve, to make sure my team, customers and colleagues are moving through it too.

We at MCE are not unique; many of you have experienced the same journey. We would love to hear your stories.

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Course Spotlight:
Future Ready Leadership Essentials
The Future Ready Leadership (FRL) Essential Skills program consists of five introductory leadership training courses, ideal for identifying and developing future ready leaders.

Through experienced facilitation and knowledgeable content, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate qualities of a strong leader.
  2. Demonstrate their role in relation to direct reports and company structure.
  3. Overcome barriers to communication
  4. Delegate and empower when necessary.
  5. Lead using effective facilitation tools.

Delivered virtually one day a month over five months, participants can expect personal engagement, interaction, polls, breakout sessions, and thought provoking exercises, during their sessions online.

Our next available session is set to kick off January 12, 2021. Seats are available and it's shaping up to be an interesting group of participants for some good cross-learning opportunities!

More information online HERE.
In addition to FRL E, we'd like to remind you of last month's spotlight on Union Management Relations, an interactive and scenario-based virtual course with real-life examples, on:

November 25, 2020
8:30am to 4:00pm

Course details and registration link can be found HERE.
PATH Board Announcement

Audie McCarthy has recently accepted a position on PATH's Board of Directors. PATH Employment Services (founded by Mark Garber, a placement officer at Mohawk College) is an award winning organization that has been helping people with any type of disability make the transition to new jobs and stay in them since 1972.

Audie has vast experience as a business coach, helping others develop their careers, and continues to provide mentorship to this day. Prior board experience includes time with the Stoney Creek Chamber and Workforce Planning Hamilton, and others.  

Audie is very pleased with her role on the PATH board. Audie intends to use her experience in the employment industry to continuously move the successes of PATH forward to help the people that benefit most from their portfolio of services. 
MCE Staffing Updates

Business Development Officer, Leanna DiCecca, is headed off on maternity leave as of Nov. 23, 2020.

Assuming Leanna's territory of Hamilton-Niagara is veteran Instructional Designer, Marci Ruhl. Marci has complimented business development with needs assessments and customized design for clients for years. It's shaping up to be a pretty smooth transition for Marci to continue to meet the needs of our Hamilton-Niagara clients.

With Marci focusing on business development, MCE experienced Instructional Designer, Donna Stevenson, will be assisting with design needs as of Nov. 16., 2020. Donna has been behind the scenes for years, readily available to fill in the gap when MCE calls for timely support.

We wish Leanna a healthy leave, provide Marci with all the teams' support, and (re)welcome Donna to the designer trenches.
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