Its Time to Review & Refresh our To do's

Blessings Katherine,

Kati here, reaching out from Taos in New Mexico and sharing some insights & tools of support for what is present.

Katherine, what is calling for a refresher within your life? Perhaps it may be within your work/personal schedule, your routines or even your self care practice.

We have just enter a new cycle within the essences of the New Moon. Inviting us to see what has been set aside for sometime, and asking to be revisited. It can be from your meditation and movement practice, you following that ideal diet, or re-organizing your office, bedroom or home.

The beauty of revisiting these to-do's that has been placed on snooze, is that we come back to the question "Is this what I truly want and if so, how can I follow through for myself and make it happen?" or "Am I just holding onto this idea because its always been there and/or have I been told I had to do this in order to arrive to this ideal place ... ?"

Remember this Life you are living and trailing is uniquely designed for you and only you. A life that is meant to be lived authentically and uniquely. A life that no one else can live for you, but you.

Take a moment, pause and sit with your unique self. And feel what is calling to be witnessed and/or released.

With Gratitude,

Kati Inez Mesa,

Founder of L.A.P Holistic Arts

Experiencing Big Shifts, Transitions & New Paths?

Did you know, Katherine,Change and the unexpected is something that is constantly unfolding within our lives, no matter what is happening amongst the stars and planets.

Where we find ourselves in life's cross roads, in believing that we had it all figured out and being reminded that this Unique life is a Journey.

This coming Fall, within our "I AM the Journey" a 12-Week Holistic Group Mentorship. Kati and several Holistic practitioners and coaches will be facilitating a group of Souls that are ready to receive the support within their healing and embodiment Journey.

If this is you, click here to book a call with the Founder to discuss further.

To read more on our Upcoming Journey Click here

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Community Announcements & Offerings


"Coming back to one's Truth & Purpose"

Kati will be exploring the Soul's Journey within Truth & Purpose.

A Journey that trailed uniquely for each and every living being. Yet the similarities is the calling to return to ones truth and to embody their purpose, their calling.

Master Session:

"Coming back to one's Truth & Purpose"

Monday, Sept. 13th

Time: 6pm EST


Welcome Our New L.A.P Practitioner

We are excited to introduce you to one of our Tribe members & now Yoga Practitioner Janoa Watson, who will be providing practices & tools to support your Yoga and Holistic Lifestyle within our upcoming Holistic Group Journey & Holistic Tour.

Stay tune for our upcoming schedule of Offerings and Pop-Ups

Love, Awareness, Purpose Presents:

"Grace Period Meditation"

Join our Meditation Practitioner Dwayne Swann every Monday & Wednesday at 2pm on IG LIVE @LoveAwarenessPurpose

Instagram Live!

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Thank you again, for allowing us to be a part of your Journey and for being a part of ours.

With Gratitude,

L.A.P Tribe

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