CPP Program - Key Updates
Flu Vaccines Pre-Booking Details
It’s time to start thinking about flu vaccinations for the upcoming 2024-2025 flu season! CPP members will have two opportunities to save on influenza vaccines:
Sanofi – Updated pricing and program details for Fluzone®, High-Dose Fluzone and Flublok® vaccines for the 2024-2025 flu season can be obtained by contacting the CPP office.
  • Pre-book by April 19, 2024 to receive the CPP member discount, delivery commitment and returns allowance. CPP members can earn a 1% rebate on all influenza vaccines purchased directly through Sanofi by December 31, 2024. Flu vaccines must be purchased through your Sanofi account that is linked to the CPP Sanofi Mainline contract to be eligible. 

To participate, confirm your pre-book reservation with Sanofi by logging onto www.VaccineShop.com.

AstraZeneca – Updated pricing and program details for FluMist® can be obtained by contacting the CPP office. Place reservations through authorized distributors of FluMist® (McKesson, FFF Enterprises and Besse Medical) or by visiting the FluMist website.
  • Pre-book by April 30, 2024 to receive the CPP member discount, delivery commitment and returns allowance. 

To participate, please complete the declaration form and send it to CPP at [email protected] or fax it to 614-722-2149. If you have already submitted a declaration form to CPP to participate in this discount opportunity in prior years, you do not need to complete another one.
COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Moderna Returns 

Moderna is offering 100% returnability for all COVID-19 doses ordered after January 9, 2024 for the entire season. For more information click here.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Moderna’s customer care team at 1-866-663-3762.
Pfizer Portfolio Updates
Recently, Pfizer communicated some changes to their vaccine portfolio:

  • Addition of Penbraya™, Pfizer’s new pentavalent meningococcal vaccine is FDA approved and ACIP recommended as an option when both MenACWY and MenB are indicated at the same visit. 
  • New Pfizer catalog pricing effective for CPP members on 2/28/2024 

For updated pricing sheets, please contact the CPP office.

We expect that private payers will be working to incorporate Penbraya™ into their payment schedules in the coming months and recommend that you reach out to your major payers to verify adequate payment is in place for this new CPT code. CPP has also updated its Pediatric and Adult coding cheat sheets to include the new code.

If your practice is not yet linked to CPP through the Pfizer portal and still paying list price for these vaccines, contact the CPP office for detailed instructions for how to enroll. 

Don’t forget to access CPP’s price increase tools to help you manage through vaccine price increases. These include, but are not limited to, a budget impact worksheet, payer mix analysis and contact information for reimbursement support services available through the vaccine manufacturers.
Valuable Resources
Partnership with GoCheck Kids
We have renewed our partnership with GoCheck Kids, a leading pediatric vision screening platform that aligns with the AAP recommendations for Vision Screening by offering a Photoscreener AND a Visual Acuity test. 

Members of CPP interested in working with GoCheck Kids will receive a 15% discount off of the list price. Interested members can email [email protected] to get more information about the technology and to make sure they receive this discounted pricing if they decide to proceed.  
Upcoming Conferences
CPP will be in the exhibit hall at the following conferences and would love to meet you in person! If you’re attending, stop by the booth to get vaccine management resources or a vaccine tray for your practice!

February 1-3Pediatric Management Institute 2024 Conference – Houston, TX 

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