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August  1, 2018

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We're coming close to the end of AMIC's 2018 fiscal year but there is still time to participate in this year's success.

Shareholders of record on August 31, 2018, will receive a top-up dividend in addition to their regular monthly dividend. The top-up dividend is paid after the annual audit is completed -- usually in November.
We take pride in our clean and consistent underwriting and in the quality of our mortgage portfolio. Since inception, AMIC has not experienced any loss of principal or income due to default of any kind and on any mortgage. Plus, since we commenced lending in 2014, over 97% of regular monthly payments have been made on time and in full.

AMIC is an approved exempt market issuer with several trustees including Community Trust, Olympia Trust, Computershare Trust and Western Pacific Trust.

Ask your ACC Dealing Representative if AMIC is a suitable addition to your RRSP, RESP, TFSA, self-directed LIRA, RIF or RDSP holdings. 

Accredited investors (and non-accredited investors under certain prospectus exemptions) may be eligible to invest in Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation, an exempt market product sold by Advanced Capital Corp.

Our next closing for new investments is August 1, 2018.

Current portfolio characteristics (as at July 25, 2018):
  • All AMIC mortgages are on residential properties.
  • The weighted average LTV of the portfolio is 74.72%.
  • First mortgages comprise 57.79% of the portfolio; second mortgages make up 42.21% of the portfolio (by dollar value).
  • The weighted average term to maturity is 167.66 days.
  • All mortgages are in the greater Ottawa / Eastern Ontario real estate market.
  • The simple average loan amount is $137,268.
  • The simple average property value is $510,488.
  • All properties have been fully appraised by appraisers with the AACI or CRA designation. All appraisals use an as-is value.
  • AMIC has not employed leverage (debt) to fund any of the mortgages in the portfolio.
  • The AMIC portfolio only contains mortgages. AMIC does not own or hold shares in other or related or connected companies.

The composition of mortgage portfolio can change daily due to advances, discharges and renewals. Please contact us if you require additional or more current information.


Please request a copy of the Offering Memorandum for more information including a detailed description of the risks associated with investing in the exempt market.

Contact Advanced Capital Corp. CEO and Dealing Representative Michael Hapke to arrange a meeting to review the suitability of Advanced MIC for your investment portfolio.
Michael Hapke
CEO and Dealing Representative
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