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June 1, 2015

Intelligent investment solutions for today's sophisticated investors.
Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation provides investors with a new way to preserve capital and create wealth while offering homeowners an innovative solution to their financing needs
Accredited investors (and non-accredited investors under certain prospectus exemptions) may be eligible to invest in Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation, an exempt market product sold by Advanced Capital Corp.

Our next closing for new investments is June 1.

Current portfolio characteristics (as at April 20, 2015):
  • 8.06% estimated 2015 ROI
  • 78.85% weighted average loan-to-value
  • 100% residential
Refer to the Offering Memorandum for more information.

Contact Advanced Capital Corp. CEO and Dealing Representative Michael Hapke to arrange a meeting to review the suitability of Advanced MIC for your investment portfolio.
Making a case for Advanced MIC and
alternative mortgage  investments.
According to's Suzanne Sharma, " Mortgage investment corporations (MICs) can provide yield and help diversify your fixed-income portfolios. Read More

Meghan Leonhardt of Intelligent Advisor observes, " Many high-net-worth investors are increasing their exposure to alternative investments, but women more so than men.  Of high-net-worth investors already using alternative products, women have 27 percent of their assets allocated to non-traditional investments, while men have 20 percent. Moreover, 55 percent of the high-net women surveyed say they've increased their allocation in alternatives in the past year." Read More

Statistics Canada reports that from 2012 to 2013, the number of self-employed people has increased by 3.6%. This translates to 95,600 Canadians-accounting for 40% of new jobs created. Also, the implementation of B20 has moved more borrowers in to the alternative lending space. 


According to the Financial Post's Gary Marr and Barbara Schecter, " Ottawa's tougher lending regime has created an opening in the mortgage market for other lenders." According to their article, "Alternative lenders" like Advanced Mortgage Investment Corp. "are major beneficiaries of that subprime market, now underwrite 2.2% of all mortgage loans - probably not enough to cause any major structural damage to the housing market in the event of defaults, but their market share has exploded."  Read More
Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company recently published a report titled  The trillion-dollar convergence: Capturing the next wave of growth in alternative investments . In it, they explore how " the ongoing integration of alternatives into the core of both retail and institutional portfolios will represent one of the most attractive growth opportunities for asset managers in the coming five years. It is an opportunity that will change the competitive dynamics of the industry as the business models and strategies of traditional and alternatives managers converge."

Advanced MIC is your local
alternative mortgage  investment.
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