Summer is finally here!

Summer has arrived! That means wherever you are,  it's time to get out the
Enjoy our new video (watch out Beliebers!),  and if you haven't  already, get your business "started!"
sunscreen and soak up the sunshine. If your startup team has been working indoors, enjoy a team meeting or social with a picnic. Plan a beach outing or attend a county festival. In any way, this season provides plenty of ways to get a healthy dose of ANTrepreneurship.

With the school year at UC Irvine completed and for so many students vacation has begun, summer is the season for startups. Our office will still be open, and you will have plenty of opportunities to foster growth, successes, insights, and connections. Get started now by booking an appointment at

Let your summer be a season where the heat comes from your passion in ANTreprenurship that no one can cool down. In the meantime, check out our current news below!


The Blackstone LaunchPad at UC Irvine Crew!
What to look for at the Blackstone LaunchPad
A Memorable Experience Locked Away
Photo by Neely School of Business at TCU
Crystal Sanchez, C.E.O of Guardian Locket, was invited to compete at the Texas Christian University: Values and Ventures Competition in early April. She shares her experiences below.

On the 8th and 9th of April, I had the opportunity to fly to Fort Worth, Texas, in order  to compete in the Texas Christian University: Values and Ventures Competition. This  business competition specialized in the values aspect of the business. It was one of  the most rewarding and incredible adventures that I have ever embarked in.  The competition consisted of over 90 participating universities and it was a great  opportunity to interact with a variety of business- minded individuals from all across  the nation. Schools like Harvard and John Hopkins were invited to participate in the  finals as well as many others.

Although extremely nerve-wracking, the event proved to be a fantastic opportunity,   which consisted of various stages leading up to the finale. Although UCI wasn't able  to compete in the finale, the experience was well worth the training and the travel. During my stay in Fort Worth, I was able to shake the hands of successful and  respectable entrepreneurs. We were able to swap stories and experiences while  learning from each other.
Photo courtesy of Neely School of Business at TCU
Fort Worth was absolutely beautiful and the scenery stood as reason enough to visit Texas. However, my mind was preoccupied with the competition and the  opportunity that I have been preparing for. The trip was filled with ongoing trips  from the hotel to the Texas Christian University campus. We then were separated into flights that determined whom we competed against at the time.

These flights continued to condense. So, the competitors grew more anxious. It was  fascinating to observe the professionalism and composure that these competitors w ielded. It proved to be a great learning experience that I am thankful to have.  Unfortunately, Guardian Locket didn't place in the competition. However, we plan on returning with a bigger and better presentation. We hope to return the next year  with more experience, prosperity, and success. Texas hasn't seen the last of us!



Thanks to everyone who came out to GIRLBOSS!

Boothing in May a Blast!
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Huerta.
Photo by Anshul Singhal.

We hope all of you who came out to the Spring Career Fair, ICS Day, and TEDxUCI's At The Core and stopped by our booths had as great of a time as we did. Thank you to everyone involved for the opportunity to booth and showcase to others the power of ANTreprenurship!

Surfin' for Awards at The Cove
Clockwise, starting at top: David and Breanna kick off the awards ceremony; Nominees get to know one another; spectators eagerly wait for their awards; students from the School of Social Sciences are recognized for their crowdfunding.

Visitors at The Cove arrived well dressed for either one of two reasons: for a tech strategy consulting class, or the bigger function of the night, the Second Annual ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards.

The awards ceremony began at 6pm as over 50 nominees, family, and friends connected with each other over refreshments.

"We were surprised," Anthony Pham of Au Solutions stated, to receive an award. "Since we recently graduated," Kelsey Fung, also part of the tech-based startup, chimed in, "we thought it's all over. Apparently not!"

The event kicked off with the applause usual at celebrations, but it was far from traditional. After being recognized, the winners of 24 categories were to pitch their products and not just say their thank-yous, doubling the ceremony as a pitch event.  As each recipient was handed his or her trophy, a curved glass tablet, Blackstone LaunchPad at UC Irvine Executive Director David Ochi and Assistant Director Breanna Bremer shared a story from the winner relevant to the award. 

For instance, the Most Dedicated, Bulletin's Esosa Agbonwaneten, initiated her startup with BLP even as our office was under construction. Meanwhile, 45 students from the School of Social Sciences new Entrepreneur Marketing class were awarded the Best Crowdfunding Campaign for marketing to over 3,000 donors to donate 7,200 cans to the South County Outreach Food Pantry in less than one week. And five ANTrepreneur Advocates, like Carol Choi, were commended for empowering business people at UC Irvine.

Ultimately, the ANTrepreneur of the Year title was given to Mark Deppe, responsible for creating the UCI E-Sports program. As the "first public school to initiate [a] video gam[ing program]," Deppe said, the school campus is well on its way to becoming the "Duke of online gaming."
Announcing our Hot New Office Hours! 

Since summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors and develop your business, we will be accepting appointments from 10 am - 4 pm, Monday to Thursday, and special circumstances on Fridays. Check weekly on our website through your account, for the best times to make an appointment. 

If you haven't made an account yet, you can do by visiting our website and clicking on the "Signup" box.  Let these upcoming months be the best time to work on your business!  
Woo Hoo, We Made a Weibo!

We've just made a Weibo account! Look for our account (UCI-Blackstone-LaunchPad), scan the QR code on the left, or click here  to go directly to it. 

We will use Weib o to post information and opportunities for ANTrepreneurs in the Orange County Area.

Lunchtime LaunchPad in Review! 
Thank you all for coming out to our Lunchtime LaunchPads! Every week we brought in guest speakers to talk about entrepreneurial topics. We hope you all learned from and enjoyed them as much as we did ! If you'd like to catch up on any of them, check out the videos below.
Kim  Sherma n
Why Standing Still Doesn't Work !

Kim Sherman founded Echo Media Group based on integrity, commitment, and the desire to create transformation through communication. Today, her agency offers a broad range of forward-thinking public relations and social media services. 

In this talk, Sherman shared personal and career transforming milestones that shaped her as a business leader and positioned Echo Media Group as one of Orange County's most progressive PR agencies. 

Adel Ali
How to Acquire, Keep, 
and Manag e  Your Start-Up Team

Adel Aali is a former patent attorney turned serial entrepreneur with experience in inventing technologies, founding and managing companies, building stellar founding teams, and fund raising. 

A startup's success or failure is often, if not always, dependent on its team, especially in the founding and early stages. We discussed how to retain and manage these groups.

Tips to Sharpen Your Startup
Stability in  Entrepreneurship
control own destiny

Ever since the 2008 housing bubble, the idea of a "stable job" has weakened a lot. While people may continue to push for the idea that there are certain jobs that are always necessary, that won't ever result in you being fired, it has to be remembered that businesses are businesses. If hardships come down upon the business, you, as an employee, become a potential cost to keep on, and within the next few days you can easily be fired.

But what if you're the boss? Think about it for a second. If your company falls into hard times, your boss will start to look at all the employees, including you, and figure out if you are someone worth keeping on. But if you're the boss, you're going to be the last to go. 

So whether it's starting a business on the side, whether it's starting one in or after college, don't be scared of starting your own business because of how it may be perceived as "unstable". If you are willing to spend 10 years of your life for someone else's goals, why not spend those ten years on yourself? So take the reins and invest in yourself.

In the realm of business, staying financially stable is an absolute must. Read more about what is necessary to find some footing here.

A Talk with Richard Branson

TED celebrates innovation and provides an opportunity to understand others' experiences and insights. In this video, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson sits with fellow entrepreneur Chris Anderson for a touching and humorous fireside chat about Branson's struggles, victories, and revelations in developing his empire.

GOALS: Disneyland

As the school year comes to an end, let's see what we can learn from the top summer vacation destination in the U.S., Disneyland. Here are the tips followed from the humble beginnings to mega success of the worldwide amusement park creation. 

1. Don't give up with your idea.

2. Don't let the competition intimidate you.

3. Don't be afraid to shift perspective.

A Lesson Visualized
Opportunists Apply Here!
Below is a startup looking for some members to join their team! See the instructions below to apply for this rising business!

Desert Farms Camel Milk

Desert Farms brings the healthy tradition of camel milk to the U.S. Fresh, sweet-tasting milk from happy camels in our farmers' green pastures. At Desert Farms, our goal is to integrate the ancient tradition of camels into the culture of the United States, and pass along all the health and economic benefits of fresh camel milk. We believe the time is right for Americans to experience a Camel Milk Revolution. Why not give some old cows and goats a break while expanding consumers' taste buds to explore the new exotic taste of camel milk that is just as good as when it first comes out of the udder?

We want to inspire a completely new dairy generation in America and are starting it right now. Desert Farms is determined to make a positive impact wherever we do business, especially in rural communities that supply the camel's milk for our products.  We have been featured in the LA Times, WSJ, TIMES and many more.

Positions: We are offering five positions (Assistant to Founder, Communication Manager and Social Media/PR Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Operations Manager, and Creative Designer). This is open to college undergraduates and alumni, and will take place in The Cove. 

Position Types: Paid internships, part time, and full time positions. 

Qualifications: Creative flair, a strong visual sense, originality, strong computer skills, confidence to present and explain ideas to colleagues, the ability to pay attention to detail, the ability to balance work on several projects at a time, good team working skills, flexibility, an awareness of the competitive business environment in which they work, a strong persistence, never taking no for an answer and Love for Camels. 

Send your resumes or portfolios to We are located at 2708 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 380 in Santa Monica, CA; visit our website or call us at (310) 430-2096. 

Red Hot Ventures

Depression makes people miserable, but the current standard of one-to-one therapy is too  costly and labor-intensive to keep up with growth in demand. With 85 percent of the global population having wireless access, mobile technologies are poised to enable personalized self-care and relieve workforce shortages. 

To this effect, we have created MindFull™, a mobile application backed by medical professionals, for the management of depression and for boosting mood. It presents more than 30 evidence-based therapies - such as tai chi, omega-3 fatty acids, and bright light exposure - as daily tasks for users. Our beta testing has just begun, so take control of your mental health! 


ANTrepreneurs: Ramin Rajaii, 
Bardia Bahadori, Hudson Hughes, Suriel Ortega


Eating will be fun again.

Yummi is a new social platform for discovering good food within your trusted network. Our mobile app is designed entirely with the eating experience in mind making it extremely easy and fun to capture, organize, and share great places to eat among friends.

Start by taking some pictures of your eating adventures and creating a food log.
ANTrepreneur: Pete Wong
Study Buddy

StudyBuddy is a mobile app where students can take a picture of their homework and get answers within minutes from one of our Gurus. They can also find students in their local area who are studying for the MCAT, LSAT, and other graduate entry exams. We also provide an academic community where students can discuss different aspects of being a students. Study Buddy is made by students for students.

ANTrepreneur: Khalil Jammal
Detective Fish

Detective Fish is a gaming software development startup that will create fun games for gamers anywhere.  You like to play video games, which is why we love making them. We're a game development company based in UCI that will create innovative games that everyone can enjoy.
  • Our mission: t o become the next big developer dedicated to the art of gaming.

Khaila Amazan-Hall, Will Perez
What to Know!
Lunch and Learns 
at The Cove

If you are at all interested in entrepreneurship, it would be in your best interest to come out to our Lunch and Learn events this month. We will have our Experts-in-Residence (EiRs) at these events every Friday from 12-1pm. They will be hosting Q&As and informal talks; be sure to come by because you won't want to miss this opportunity!
1 Million Cups 

1   Million   Cups  is an awesome event, and a great platform for feedback on your pitch. 
Each week two entrepreneurs give a six minute presentation, followed by a 20 
minute question and answer session led by the audience members. It is a friendly environment for early startups to gain valuable help from the community. 
The event is free, and coffee and tea are provided. Each 1MC is held at The Cove on 
Wednesday mornings, beginning at 8am.
If you would like to apply to be a presenter, please apply here.
Do You Know TEA?
The Entrepreneur Association's mission is to develop and foster entrepreneurial spirit and passion at UC Irvine. We at TEA believe that it is our duty to educate students and spark their innovative fire by providing workshops, programs, resources and connections in a network of startups. We believe in solving problems. We believe in serving others. We believe in carving our own path. 

We are now offering an opportunity to become more involved with the Rotational Internship Program, in which students will work directly with our executive board members and UCI Blackstone LaunchPad.
For more information, visit or contact Asher Yeh at
TEDxUCIrvine: At The Core

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program that brings people together for a TED-like experience. TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. TEDxUCIrvine's annual event wrapped up last May 14 and featured a fantastic group of speakers, performers, and ideas worth spreading!

Visit to discover more.

Startup Weekend - Trailer
What is Startup Weekend OC?
Find out with this video!
Volunteers Needed!

Startup Weekend Orange County calls on teams to embark in a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. This June 24-26, Startup Weekend OC will be held at The Cove! But for  a successful event, volunteers are needed. If you are interested, fill out this form. For questions, contact; for more information, visit Startup Weekend's OC website here. See you there!

Above: Sonder VR. Below: Tag Team. Both teams were awarded $7,500.
Results from Butterworth and Beall!

T he Butterworth Product Development and Beall Student Design Competitions are offered  by the  Engineering and ICS Schools, respectively, to foster innovation and the development of marketable technology. 

Congratulations to the winners of both competitions! Placing first in Butterworth is Sonder VR, followed by WeGroove in second and Munchies in third. Tag Team won the Beall Competition, Red Lion Robotics received second, and CeleriBio third . Well done to the top six teams and whopping 28 semi-finalists!

If you would like to compete this coming school year, check out the information here  and be  ready coming this January 2017!

BottleRocket Launching off to Nationals!

Congratulations to the startup BottleRocket for winning the Recess Pitch Regional Championships! They took first place throughout all startups in Los Angeles and faced off against the top six teams in America . Their efforts led to great exposure for their business and a shot at the $250,000 grand prize! Congrats!

Check out more about BottleRocket here.
Now Open: Mayor's Cup
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti 
explains the competition.

The Mayor's Cup empowers local university entrepreneurs to explore innovative solutions to local civic challenges. 

Finalists will pitch to a panel of business and government leaders, and the winner will be awarded $25,000 and an opportunity to implement the solution with the Mayor's innovation team! To find out more, visit the competition website before applications are due on October 5, 2016. Good luck!
Mark Your Calendar 
Get Organized! Mark Your  Calendars! 
Thursday, June 16: Irvine Chamber Webinar, online. 12-1pm.  RSVP .

Wednesday, June 22: 1 Million Cups at The Cove, 7:45am.

Thursday, June 23: Irvine Chamber Webinar, online. 12-1pm.  RSVP.

Thursday, June 23: Irvine Chamber Webinar, online. 12-1pm.

Thursday, June 23: TCVN Fireside Chat with Erik Rannala. RSVP.

Saturday, June 25: Building an Effective Team - Multimillion CEO Tells All!! at Norman P. Murray Community Center, Mission Viejo. RSVP.

Monday, June 27: Face to Face with Investors. RSVP.

As always, for additional entrepreneur events throughout LA and Orange Counties, visit 
How to Get Involved 
It is easier than you think. Scan the list and let us know your interests. 

1 Million Cups:
Want to present at our weekly event to share your startup with the community? 
Office Hours:  Share your wisdom with students  here .

Event Speakers Apply here .
Lunchtime LaunchPad Guests: 
Share your experiences with students during lunch  here.
Mentor/Venture Coach:  Learn more here .

Event volunteer:  Volunteer at events  here .

Peer 2 Peer Mentor:
Are you interested in mentoring fellow students? Apply here

Does your company have internship opportunities to offer to our entrepreneurs? 
Please submit positions here.
Some Launch Highlights
The Ninja 

An unconventional way to prepare for launch. This student is about to get some vertical and horizontal distance, by getting ready to run like a certain orange-jumpsuit character. 

The Low Key

This launch demonstrates our speaker's high hops, and a profound yet controllable passion for ANTrepreneurship.

The Guitarist
Rock out! Give this guy a musical instrument and his launch could be going into a crowd instead of just off a trampoline.
The Douglas Adams

It's almost as if this ANTrepreneur is a hitchhiker and ready to head into outer space. Who knows? He may return to start a business selling guides to our galaxy.

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