Hopefully 2019 until now has been well performing for your Business and all plan are falling in place. 2020 will certainly have its challenges as to planning the year ahead, but having plans in place makes it easier to react quickly to changing challenges.

In all my activities involved in management, strategic planning has always been an activity high on the priority list. It's proved in many cases the key to successfully master all challenges that include growing as well as downsizing operations to react to market conditions.

What should the 2020 Strategy entail? Consider PESTLE as the initial thought for outside forces impacting your Business with a SWOT analysis to position yourself for growth, maximize profits or streamline. If you’re considering an Exit, planning still is an important part to make sure you are exiting on top.

Too busy to plan for 2020, let us assist you either as an additional resource or as an active party. Planning will help you to Control the Choices – not the Consequences